20/20 Barbara Walters. Can You Be Too Old Or Too Young For Plastic Surgery!

20/20 Maria at 83. Not too old for new boobs! In a recently aired 20/20 special called The Cutting Edge: Younger Than Ever, Barbara Walters explores the issues of changing trends and attitudes toward the now $10 billion a year cosmetic procedure industry. It seems that with all the new technology and advanced procedures, there is nothing stopping anyone from changing their appearance through plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. But can you be too young or too old?  This segment profiles a plastic surgeon who covers both ends of the spectrum, from operating on his 10 year old daughter to giving an 83 year grandmother of 12 new perky boobs!

Too Young?
Barbara reports that Dr. Michael Niccole has two adopted daughters, Charm and Brittany. When Charm was 10 she was already unhappy with the way she looked. She was unhappy about her “outie” belly button and her father fixed it.
Barbara says that cosmetic procedures are rapidly growing amongst teenagers 13 to 19. Charm, Britney and their friends mostly in their early 20s have already had many beauty treatments and are looking to a lifetime of cosmetic enhancements.
The girls and their friends have already had lip injections, Botox, skin smoothing and skin tightening.
Charm says now she gets laser treatments and peels for her face and Botox treatments, even in her armpits so she doesn’t sweat as much!
When Brittany was 18, her dad enlarged her breasts, a boob job, something she had wanted for years. She felt it boosted her self-esteem. She has also had a nose job at 21 years old, recieves Botox treatments and is thinking about enlarging her breasts even more!
Barbara questioned Dr. Niccole about the public opinion of him operating on his own daughter. He said he has practiced in his field for 30 years and who better than him, their own father, will give his daughters the care, time and patience they need. He says he is not changing their looks, they just want maintenance. They don’t want to get old. They want to stay young.

Beauty and cosmetic medicine expert, Marie Czenko, advises against most cosmetic surgery while still a teenager. She says young people at that age should not do something permanent on their body unless there is truly an absence of hormone development or an opportunity for normal development.

Too Old?

Dr. Niccole also has one of the oldest cosmetic surgery patients. Meet Marie. She is 83 years old and works as an apartment manager. She has four children, 12 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. And at that age she decided it was time for breasts implants. She says she has been in business for a long time. She feels there is a lot of competition with the younger people. She wanted to give off a good appearance for a woman having a good posture and nice breasts. Marie thinks this will help with her meeting her competition.
Dr. Niccole said she wanted bigger and perkier..
But as Barbara Walters reported, Marie was heading into uncharted waters. No one has studied the effects of implant surgery on the elderly. Dr. Czenko said whether you’re 23 or 83, your overall health is the most important factor.
Dr. Niccole said they had a cardiologist impeccably go over her physical and they said Marie is a 50/83-year-old. So why not?

Her grown children were understandably afraid of her going under anesthesia so they weren’t that happy about it. She didn’t tell them until the day before the surgery. Two weeks after the surgery Marie was on the beach in Hawaii sporting her new boobs and her new outlook. And she said she is very happy with what she did.
Barbara said, Marie was so happy, that she signed up for several other cosmetic procedures including a nose job, a fat transfer to her cheeks and upper eyelids. Because youth has a fullness in their face, Dr. Niccole also put some fat in her temporal area.

Maria says “I don’t say to every woman my age that this is for you. I’m out there too, finding my place in life and will continue to take care of myself. People think that when you turn 80, you are old. I didn’t give that a second thought. Because I don’t feel old and I don’t think old. I think the same way I did 30 years ago!”

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