20/20 Barbara Walters. Ethnic Trends In Cosmetic Surgery. Butt Enlargements!

Butt enlargementToday’s $10 billion a year cosmetic procedure industry is examined in a 20/20 special with Barbara Walters, The Cutting Edge: Younger Than Ever.   Barbara reports on the latest innovations, new cutting edge procedures and the hottest new trends, some trends  influenced by  a growing pop culture and  a change of attitude toward how some ethnic  groups feel about cosmetic surgery.  African Americans are one such group  and ABC’s Deborah Roberts explores how once, plastic surgery was considered taboo among  African Americans but today, we find black women are getting Botox treatments, breast implants and even buttock enlargements.

Deborah reports that blacks are still one of the smaller groups requesting plastic surgery. She refered to these statistics from the American Society of plastic surgeons: White’s account for 69%, Hispanics about 12%, blacks 8%, Asian 6%, and other nationalities are 5%. But today a rising number of black women who may not be happy with certain areas of their bodies are turning to cosmetic procedures to make those enhancements.

We meet 50 year Linda Caradine-Poinsett, who had been put off from cosmetic procedures because of cultural taboos. She said the feeling in the black community has been “you’re perfectly fine to way you are”, “you should be happy with what God gave you”. She says there’s a certain stigma with having something elective done to your appearance. But Linda finally decided to give herself a Christmas gift of bigger breasts and a smaller waist. She says she’s amazed at how comfortable she feels at having had cosmetic surgery and is very happy with the results.

Black women are also enjoying Botox parties where you and your girlfriends get together for a fun evening and invite your local friendly plastic surgeon to serve up Botox injections for all.  Botox?  But aren’t black women known for ageless skin? Is that saying “Black Don’t Crack” not true?
Deborah Roberts visits Dr. Julius Few, a Chicago plastic surgeon. He says it is true.
He says he has a range of patients and he has studied how different races age.
He says that darker skin has natural protective factors against the sun. So they don’t see the same amount of wrinkling in black skin as in lighter skins. Also Black skin tends to have more oil and moisture. If the skin has more oil and moisture it tends not to get a heavy crease in it.

Deborah reports on another changing atitude regarding cosmetic procedures. Today’s beauty standards are changing. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steven Teitelbaum tells Deborah that when patients used to bring in pictures from magazines of what they wanted to look like, for white and black patients alike, they would bring in the same blonde hair stereotype American beauty. But now you see white and black women both bringing in photos from magazines of women from mixed and interesting ethnicities.
He said he has not seen a black patient asking for white features for about 10 years. He thinks that there is a rejection now of the Michael Jackson phenomena where Michael Jackson’s features changed from African-American to Caucasian looking.

Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Julius Few, performed a rhinoplasty on his African American office assistant, Crescent, who was unhappy with her nose.
Deborah reports that rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the most requested plastic surgeries. Dr. Few said that Crescent wanted it refined but specifically stressed she did not want to change the ethnicity. The operation took less than an hour and five days later Crescent is happy with her new ethnic nose.

The “Bootylicious” Effect?
The latest hot trend seems to have been influenced by the popular group Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious”.  Today, you can call it the the Beyoncé, the Jennifer Lopez, or the Kim Kardashian effect. But shapely backsides are hot in Hollywood!
Deborah reports that these days more women are asking for butt lifts and some are choosing surgery over old-fashioned sweaty exercise.
We meet a 26 your old woman who said she had always wanted a larger backside. And one day she woke up and everybody was talking about butt, butt, butt. And how they had this surgery and that surgery done.

She sought out Dr. Wyatt and told us “The first question I asked them was ‘how big could he make my butt?’ ”
Surprising from a woman who already had a big butt.
Dr. Wyatt said it is very popular among black women requesting butt enhancements even though that’s an area where black people never seem to be wanting..
So he used a popular technique of removing fat from her stomach and love handles and inserting it into her butt. So she got a flatter tummy and a smaller waist and got her bigger butt, too.  Call it a two for one!

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