20/20 Barbara Walters. Facelifts and Botox and Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers 20/20 with Barbara WaltersABC’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters aired an informative special called The Cutting Edge: Younger Than Ever.  Barbara reports that over 50% of Americans would like to have their appearance enhanced, men, women, children, and grandmothers. The show explores new and innovative plastic surgery techniques that have become available over the last 10 years. A show about those seeking to look younger by tightening up a little here and there, would not be complete without hearing from Joan Rivers, The Queen of Plastic Surgery, a woman who is almost as famous for her face lifts as her standup comedy. Joan talked with Barbara Walters and shared a few jokes, a few truths and some good advice for those of us who may be considering a cosmetic procedure.

For 78 years old Joan Rivers,  it has always been about looks.  As she says “No man has ever put his hand under a woman’s dress looking for a library card!”
Barbara reports that when Joan was in her 30s, she obsessed about how she looked on the Johnny Carson show. So Joan got a surgical eye lift.
Now making fun of her many procedures is part of Joan’s comedy routine.
“Every time I cross my legs my mouth snaps open.”  She feels that by laughing at it, it makes it okay. Her grandson calls her “Nana New Face.” And when he was younger the joke was that he had never seen her without bandages so when the TV show “Return of the Mummies” was on one day he ran and hugged the TV set and said “Grandma, Grandma.”
Joan says she is so open about it all because we live in a society where looks count and all the beautiful women lie and say they’ve done nothing. She feels that is so unfair. She just wants women to know that it’s okay to do it.

She recently joked that she has had 784 cosmetic beauty procedures.
She told Barbara Walters that she has actually had two full face lifts, and then a little bit here and a little bit there. She does face fillers every six months. Tweaks. It’s like when you have a car and you do a tuneup regularly.
She said she also had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

How does Joan Rivers go about choosing a doctor?
She told Barbara the first thing you do is ask your hairdresser. The hairdresser, when they do your hair, sees the scars, the work of the doctor. They see everything. And then look them up on the Internet. See if they have been sued. Then interview them. You want somebody that’s human, that has compassion.

Barbara said Joan even devoted this season’s opening episode of her reality show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? to her latest cosmetic surgery, getting loose skin under her chin tightened up.
She revealed the entire process beginning with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf. Melissa revealed deep reservations about her mother going under the knife again. Jones said Melissa had every right to be concerned. Anesthesia is very dangerous. She always interviews the anesthesiologist. She’s always very careful about picking the right anesthesiologist.

Joan Rivers No MakeupBarbara Walters felt that Joan was very courageous in revealing her procedure. Joan showed herself on TV with no makeup, and in bandages.
But Joan said she wanted people to see what cosmetic surgery is really about.
Barbara asked Joan “is it worth it just to have a tighter neck?”
Joan Rivers says in her case it was worth it.  She feels it gives her a lot of self-esteem, it makes her feel good and happy when someone says to her “you look amazing for your age!” She thinks that’s what plastic surgery is about.

What does she say about people who tell her that she has done too much plastic surgery? Joan says “mind your business!” And if it is a man she will look at his wife who is usually 11 years old with fake breasts.

Joan says the most extreme plastic surgery going on now is vaginas. The tightening of vaginas. If you’ve had a couple of children… it may be time for tightening.

But that is one procedure that Joan says she need not bother with!

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