Oprah: Skin Care Pillar of Bob Greene’s 20 Years Younger Plan

Oprah 20 Years Younger Show-Skin CareOn an airing of Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah gave 20 of what she called her “Ultimate Viewers” an experience of a life time and a chance to look 20 years younger. These ladies were challenged by Oprah’s long time friend and Best Life Coach Bob Greene to participate in his diet and nutrition plan rolled out in his new book 20 Years Younger. Bob says you can look and feel 20 years younger by revamping four areas of your life: exercise, nutrition, skin care, and sleep.

The 20 ladies felt very fortunate to have Beverly Hills Skin Expert Dr. Harold Lancer Dermatologist, as part of Bob’s “Dream Team” of doctors, give them his expert advice and treat them for a variety of conditions including the discovery of an unexpected cancer spot. Continue reading “Oprah: Skin Care Pillar of Bob Greene’s 20 Years Younger Plan”

Do Real Men Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Men Do Get Liposuction.Yes They Do! Meet Steve Priest (or similiar sounding) whose nutrition, fitness and forward thinking attitude was recently featured on NBC’s Today Show about the increasing numbers of men opting for plastic surgery.

NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reported that Steve is a 43 year old health conscious male who eats right, works out regularly and even runs marathons but despite his efforts he was not able to reduce his “love handles” to his satisfaction. He said “When someone’s working out all the time and making that effort and still can’t get the results they want, you have two choices.  You can accept the way it is or you can get a little help.”  Continue reading “Do Real Men Have Cosmetic Surgery?”

More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Why?

Today Show answers why more men have plastic surgery?NBC’s Today Show featured that very topic on a recent broadcast and Carl Quintanilla, award winning co-anchor and news correspondent while substituting for Today Show ‘s Matt Lauer, tried to help us answer the question.
With the help of guest psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Weiner and ad guru Donny Deutsch of Deutsch Inc. Ad Agency, they revealed some insights that may help you decide if having a cosmetic procedure is right for you. Continue reading “More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Why?”

Rachael Ray: Dr. Youn Gives Advice On Some Common Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Youn on Rachael RayI am sure that at some time or another all of us ladies have looked in the mirror and thought “if only I could take a little off here and maybe tighten this up a bit…” For some of us those thoughts turn to “seriously considering having work done!”

Dr. Youn MD, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,  appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and gave his expert advice and some options on several common procedures that we may be considering. Continue reading “Rachael Ray: Dr. Youn Gives Advice On Some Common Cosmetic Procedures”