ABC World News: Jim Avila’s Exposé On Pink Slime. $1.2 Billion Lawsuit by BPI. The Whole Story.

ABC News is being sued by BPI, the makers of “Pink Slime.”  ABC’s News has been reporting on “Pink Slime”, an ammonia treated filler used to pump up our ground beef. It has been reported to be found in 70% of the ground beef sold in supermarkets. Consumers have no way of knowing what ground beef contains this filler because the USDA does not require grocers to disclose “Pink Slime” on the label. Though the USDA insists that “Pink Slime” is safe, since ABC ‘s Jim Avila broke the news on March 8, 2012, consumer public pressure and outrage has caused some changes to be made. What Stores have publicly announced they will no longer sell beef with Pink Slime? What changes have the USDA made?  What is the beef industry’s response?   Continue reading “ABC World News: Jim Avila’s Exposé On Pink Slime. $1.2 Billion Lawsuit by BPI. The Whole Story.”

Fish Oil Supplements May Not Be As Good As Once Thought!

Omega 3 Supplements9-11-2012 That’s what was reported on World News with Diane Sawyer.  ABC’s Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser says that while we are spending about $740 million a year on fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids for better heart health,  a new study out today says that those supplements may not be doing all the good that we thought!  Dr. Besser explained that researchers analyzed 20 previous studies on heart health involving about 70,000 patients and said that overall,  people taking fish oil supplements died of heart disease and stroke at the same rate as anyone else!  Continue reading “Fish Oil Supplements May Not Be As Good As Once Thought!”

New Study: Too Much Red Meat May Shorten Your Life

Red Meat Mar 13, 2012 – The morning news programs were all a buzz about the new study regarding red meat.

NBC’s Today Show reported that the “Archives of Internal Medicine” has published a study in which researchers say that people who ate a serving of red meat every day, that’s including beef, pork, or lamb, had a 13% higher risk of death than those who ate very little meat.  And those who ate processed meats were 20% more likely to die from cancer and heart disease.  Continue reading “New Study: Too Much Red Meat May Shorten Your Life”

ABC World News: Orange Juice May Contain A Dangerous Pesticide

Jan 10, 2012 – ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer reported on yet another Consumer Alert regarding juices being imported from other countries. First it was apple juice. Now it seems government inspectors are working tonight at the nation’s ports because a large amount of orange juice coming from overseas has been cited for traces of an unapproved chemical. And as a result the price of orange juice on the commodities markets soared. Continue reading “ABC World News: Orange Juice May Contain A Dangerous Pesticide”

NBC’s Today Show: Why You Should Do Credit Checks On Your Child’s Social Security Number.

Identity Thieves are Targeting Your ChildrenDec 27, 2011 – NBC’s Jeff Rossen did a follow-up on an investigative report that appeared on The Today Show back in May of this year. Identity thieves are stealing the social security numbers of newborns, knowing that they will have years to rack up debt before anyone ever thinks to run a credit check!  So in May, NBC offered free credit scans for your kids. Nearly 7000 viewers got the credit scans and the results were eye opening. One in ten found that someone else was using their child’s social security number! How can this happen? What can we do?  Read the report in full…

Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice. Consumer Reports Investigation.

Dr Oz - Truth About Arsenic in Apple JuiceDec 1, 2011 – Dr. Mehmet Oz’s very vehement concern over the possibility of arsenic in America’s apple juice supply has proven to be such a controversial issue that Dr. Oz has been publicly accused of “fear mongering”,  juice companies are considering suing, and it’s got the FDA “all in a flutter”!

But he is must be feeling justified today in light of new evidence being released by Consumer Reports that their investigation also showed that some popular brands of apple juice exceeded the drinking water limit of arsenic. The Dr. Oz Show had Consumer Reports Urvashi Rangan, PhD and Director of Consumer Safety on the show today. She shared some in depth information on their investigation as well as some positive changes being proposed by the FDA! Continue reading “Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice. Consumer Reports Investigation.”

ABC’s Dr. Besser. Arsenic in Apple Juice. He Now Says We Should Be Concerned.

Is Arsenic in Our Families Food Supply and Juices!Nov 30, 2011 – ABC’s Good Morning America reported this morning on brand-new evidence that some of America’s most popular brands of juice may contain high levels of arsenic.  But this is not the first time ABC has commented on arsenic levels in juice.  In September of this year, ABC’s Chief Health Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser, very passionately and openly opposed Dr. Oz from the popular Dr. Oz Show regarding Dr. Oz’s concerns of arsenic in apple juice.  Dr. Besser accused Dr. Oz of “fear-mongering”.  But today, Dr. Besser agrees that these new findings regarding arsenic levels are a big deal!  Why the change of heart? Continue reading “ABC’s Dr. Besser. Arsenic in Apple Juice. He Now Says We Should Be Concerned.”

ABC World News: Fake Fish Scam

Salmon for Omega 3sOct 28, 2012 – ABC World News With Diane Sawyer recently reported on yet another scam, taking advantage the unsuspecting public in our efforts to consume more and healthy quantities of fish. While consumers are spending $80 billion every year, Consumer Reports found in their own tests widespread fraud in restaurants and groceries.  ABC also investigated and found 19 out of 21 restaurants tested,  sold us something other than what we ordered and/or what was advertised. Continue reading “ABC World News: Fake Fish Scam”

ABC World News: Cantaloupe Recall. Listeria Bacteria.

Cantaloupe Sep 16, 2011 – ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer reported on the recall of cantaloupe because they might be contaminated with dangerous Listeria, which can cause muscle aches, fever, nausea, and can even bring on meningitis in the most serious cases.  22 have been reported infected and there are 2 deaths. As many as 4.5 million cantaloupes may be tainted. The FDA’s press announcement said the recall involves whole canteloupes from the Jensen Farms in Colorado shipped to at least 17 states, IL, WY, TN, UT, TX, CO, MN, KS, NM, NC, MO, NE, OK, AZ, NJ, NY, PA.  So what is Listeria and how can it contaminate a thick rind covered fruit? Continue reading “ABC World News: Cantaloupe Recall. Listeria Bacteria.”

ABC World News: Dr. Besser and Dr. Oz. Is Apple Juice Safe?

Reverse Childhood DiabetesSep 15, 2011 – ABC’s Dr. Richard Besser and Dr. Mehmet Oz, influential host of The Dr. Oz Show came together again, this time with Diane Sawyer on World News Tonight over the safety of apple juice regarding unsafe levels of arsenic.  Again? Well,  Dr. Besser practically attacked Dr. Oz on ABC’s Good Morning America over his show about the high levels of arsenic being found in America’s apple juice, a common drink for our children. Dr Besser accused Dr. Oz of fear-mongering. ABC’s Sharyn Alfonsi recaps the situation.   Continue reading “ABC World News: Dr. Besser and Dr. Oz. Is Apple Juice Safe?”