Dr. Oz: Michelle Obama. Obesity Epidemic. Solutions.

First Lady Michelle Obama with Dr. Oz09-12-2012 First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Dr. Oz Show  and talked with Dr. Oz about her role as First Lady in our national debate over Childhood Obesity.  She explained to Dr. Oz that among the many issues that she could have focused on as First Lady, why she chose obesity.  She said before her White House days and as a working mother of two kids,  she faced some of the same health challenges as other working families.  She found that she was eating out more than she knew was healthy, she didn’t have the opportunity to cook home meals as much and she wasn’t paying attention to portion sizes.  Continue reading “Dr. Oz: Michelle Obama. Obesity Epidemic. Solutions.”

Oprah: Dr. Oz on Aging. How Frank Reversed His Diabetes and Avoided Open Heart Surgery

Sep 5, 2011 – NBC is airing reruns of the Oprah Shows called Best Of Oprah and certainly some of our bests are when Dr. Oz  came to visit imparting medical advice with charm and enthusiasm. This airing was devoted to aging. Dr. Oz together with Dr. Michael Roizen shared some success stories of patients who followed their anti-aging plan as laid out in their best selling book YOU: Staying Young. The Owners Manual for Extending Your Warranty. One such story is that of Frank and Elaine. They so improved their health that Frank saved himself at the brink of needing open heart surgery. Continue reading “Oprah: Dr. Oz on Aging. How Frank Reversed His Diabetes and Avoided Open Heart Surgery”

Dr Oz: Cancer Truths. All Of Us Has Cancer Cells Growing Inside! and More..

Dr Oz Cancer TruthsDr. Oz recently aired a show in which he revealed the facts about some cancer mis-information that is commonly accepted when in fact knowing the truth may save our lives.  Dr. Oz, along with guest medical professionals, explain some interesting things about cancer that we may have been mis-informed. Like… We don’t get cancer. We already have cancer cells growing inside us. We provoke cancer.   How many of us think cancer is not contagious. Well, it seems some cancers can be contagious!  Cancer genes can be passed to you not only from your mother’s side of the family but from your father’s also! How can knowing the truth save our lives? Continue reading “Dr Oz: Cancer Truths. All Of Us Has Cancer Cells Growing Inside! and More..”

Dr Oz: Add Years To Your Life With The Longevity Calculator

Dr Oz - Will you still be around for your children?How many of us think we will be around to see our children graduate, get married, and have granchildren? Meet Jay, a 43 year old father of two who thinks he will be around into his 80’s and 90’s and will see his kids through the highlights of their lives. Well, Dr. Oz wants us all to take the The Longevity Calculator Quiz, a tool used by Northwest Mutual Insurance Company that can predict what age you will die based on your current lifestyle. Dr. Oz thinks that real numbers will pull us away from the glitter that we use to cover up the realities of life. And what’s Jay’s reality? Continue reading “Dr Oz: Add Years To Your Life With The Longevity Calculator”

Dr Oz: Oral Sex Can Cause Oral Cancer. HPV Virus!

Prevent Oral CancerOral Sex.  Dr. Oz says a lot of folks think that this is a safer way to go. But his show today proved to be a cautionary wake up call that it is not!  Oral Cancer is deadly and is on the rise. Women are at high risk. It is spread by oral sex and is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV),  the same virus that’s responsible for the vast majority of cervical cancer in women. The good news? It is one of the easiest cancers to spot, diagnose, and treat.  With early diagnosis your chances of a cure is 80 to 90%.  Yet one in four people with oral cancer will die because they were not diagnosed and treated in time. What do we need to know to change these odds? Continue reading “Dr Oz: Oral Sex Can Cause Oral Cancer. HPV Virus!”

Dr Oz: Why Do More Women Die From Heart Disease Than Men?

Dr Oz - Why do more women than men die from heart disease?On a recent The Dr. Oz Show segment, it was revealed that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) shows that in the past 20 years more women than men die from heart disease and that more than 1 in 4 women will die from America’s number one killer, nearly triple the number from breast and lung cancer combined.  Yet, heart disease has been declining in men for more than 25 years.  Why is this so?  Dr. Noel Bairey Merz, Cardiologist & Director of Women’s Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has been researching that issue for the last 15 years. Together with Dr. Oz, they inform us of new risk factors specific to women that will hopefully help change those odds. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Why Do More Women Die From Heart Disease Than Men?”

Dr Oz: Star Jones – Not Just Old White Guys Get Heart Disease!

Dr Oz - Star Jones Talks About Her Heart SurgeryThat is what Star Jones realized when she was told she had heart disease and needed open heart surgery immediately! Star Jones, prosecutor, legal correspondent, former co-host of The View and a Celebrity Apprentice contestant sits down with Dr. Oz to share her experience with heart disease and why she is now a National Volunteer of the American Heart Association. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Star Jones – Not Just Old White Guys Get Heart Disease!”