Dr. Oz: The Headlines Are Wrong. Organic Foods Are Healthier and Healthier For Our Kids. Aren’t Our Kids Worth The Extra Money?

Blueberries10-4-2012 Dr. Oz weighs in on the new study making the headlines that imply that organic food may not be healthier than conventional food. Researchers at Stanford found that organic foods have the same nutritional value as conventional foods, so the media headlines question if organics may not be worth the money. Dr. Oz says there is a glaring catch to this information.  The study seems to put more weight on the nutritional value of food and not as much concern for the toxic chemical pesticides that we consume in some of these conventional foods. He feels that the pesticides in food is a threat to our children’s health.  Dr. Oz believes that eating organic foods is one of the best ways to avoid exposure to this health threat and therefore organic food is worth the investment!
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Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!

Omega 3 Supplements10-01-2012 The new controversial study by Greek researchers that said fish oil supplements containing omega 3 did not work to prevent stroke, heart attacks, or deaths from cardiac disease, question every recommendation that Dr. Oz has given us about using omega 3 to help us lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation as well as preventing heart disease.  Before we throw out our pills,  Dr. Oz says many experts disagree with these new findings. He invited Dr. Tanya Edwards, Medical Director, Center for Integrative Medicine at Cleveland Clinic to help explain. Continue reading “Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!”

Dr. Oz: Healthy Fast Food Drive-Thru Challenge

Fast Food - There are Healthful Fast Food ChoicesDr. Oz had Daymon Patterson, aka Daym Drops, on his show this week. Daymon is a You Tube fast food critic who does his reviews from the front seat of his car at the restaurant drive-thru. But of course, putting away so much greasy, salty junk food doesn’t sit well with Dr. Oz.  So Dr. Oz decided to take advantage of the Daymon’s popularity and presented the 400 pound critic with a three day healthy fast food challenge.  He gave Daymon a list “Healthy Fast Food Picks” to review for three days. Continue reading “Dr. Oz: Healthy Fast Food Drive-Thru Challenge”

The View: Dr. Oz on Arsenic, Vaccines, Obesity and Soy Milk

9-20-2012 Dr. Mehmet Oz visited with the ladies on The View giving them his advise on the current issue concerning arsenic levels in our children’s rice products.  He was previously in the media with a lot to say when he took on the FDA about his concern about the arsenic levels in our children’s apple juice!  Now the ladies of The View wants to know what we should do about rice as well as his take on vaccines for hooping cough, the rising obesity rates and does soy milk really make boobs grow on little boys! Continue reading “The View: Dr. Oz on Arsenic, Vaccines, Obesity and Soy Milk”

Dr. Oz: “I believed I was on a track for an early death. Dr. Fuhrman saved my live!”

Fuhrmanite-AdrienneThat was what one “Fuhrmanite” told Dr. Oz as she shared her story of how Dr. Joel Fuhrman, best selling author of Eat To Live and Super Immunity taught her how to follow his plan of using “food for medicine” to heal her body.  Adrienne said she was exhausted all the time, had high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She was a slave to 5 medications that she took everyday and was popping Ibuprofen like it was candy. But within 30 days of practicing Dr. Fuhrman’s program, she lost 26 pounds and despite the fact that she was still just under 300 pounds, she felt amazing! She always thought that it was her weight that was making her sick and feeling so bad but ultimately once she changed what she ate, it changed how she felt, literally within weeks! Dr. Joel Fuhrman appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and explained that by eating the right things you can not only reverse diseases, but you can lose weight without even trying! Continue reading “Dr. Oz: “I believed I was on a track for an early death. Dr. Fuhrman saved my live!””

Dr. Oz Favorites: Breakfast Fruit Smoothy

Fruit SmoothyDr. Oz and his son Oliver, shared one of their favorite recipes, a Breakfast Smoothie. Sounds like a good healthy swap for fast food shake lovers!

They used a Bullet Type Blender for a single serving.

  • about 1/2 tablespoon raw unpasteurized honey
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup of blueberries
  • one half ripe banana
  • generous spoonful of yogurt
  • about 1/2 cup milk
  • add a little protein if you like

And Blend. Play around with the ingredients a bit to make your own specialty. You can use soy milk, almond milk, different fruit. And if the banana is very ripe, you probably won’t need the honey!

Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice. Consumer Reports Investigation.

Dr Oz - Truth About Arsenic in Apple JuiceDec 1, 2011 – Dr. Mehmet Oz’s very vehement concern over the possibility of arsenic in America’s apple juice supply has proven to be such a controversial issue that Dr. Oz has been publicly accused of “fear mongering”,  juice companies are considering suing, and it’s got the FDA “all in a flutter”!

But he is must be feeling justified today in light of new evidence being released by Consumer Reports that their investigation also showed that some popular brands of apple juice exceeded the drinking water limit of arsenic. The Dr. Oz Show had Consumer Reports Urvashi Rangan, PhD and Director of Consumer Safety on the show today. She shared some in depth information on their investigation as well as some positive changes being proposed by the FDA! Continue reading “Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice. Consumer Reports Investigation.”

Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice?

Apple juice may contain unhealthy levels of arsenicSep 15 2011 – Arsenic in apple juice? That was the focus of a segment on The Dr. Oz Show that aired this week. Seems Dr. Oz did an independent investigation in his concern that unhealthy levels of arsenic may be getting into the American supply of apple juice.  It should be one of the most wholesome drinks for families.  After milk, it is often the first drink we give our kids.  But Dr Oz has discovered that apple juice can contain arsenic, a poisous metal, that can cause cancer and potention IQ problems. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice?”

Dr Oz: A 10 Minute Meal to Reduce Your Risk Of Ovarian Cancer.

Cook a Cancer Fighting MealDr. William Li MD Cancer Researcher has been a guest on The Dr. Oz Show several times to impart his expert and scientific knowlege of the cancer fighting properties in foods.  He says “Food is medicine we take three times a day.” He explained that it was an Ah-Hah moment for him when he realized that cancer treatment and prevention might be connected to food. Data suggested that mother nature has laced many fruits and vegetables and spices with the same molecules that he was studying in the lab to develop cancer drugs! Continue reading “Dr Oz: A 10 Minute Meal to Reduce Your Risk Of Ovarian Cancer.”

“Dr Oz: Antioxidants”. Fighting The War On Cancer With Prevention.

What are Antioxidants?The Dr. Oz Show has featured what Dr. Oz called his “three most important cancer fighting All Star Antioxidants”.  He said antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables can be our body’s weapon against cancer.  Together with guest, Dr. William Li, MD Cancer Researcher, President of The Angiogenesis Foundation, they explained “what are antioxidants and why are they good for you?” Continue reading ““Dr Oz: Antioxidants”. Fighting The War On Cancer With Prevention.”