Dr. Oz: Flat Belly Diet Plan

Flat BellyDr. Oz on his Dr. Oz Show, has yet another plan to help us lose those hard to get rid of pounds.  This time it’s his “Flat Belly Diet Plan” which targets belly fat, the most dangerous fat on our bodies.  He gives us four key “must do’s” if we want a flat belly and the best part he says we will have no problem sticking with this plan because it will give us enough tasty food that we will not be hungry!  With the help of a team of guest health professionals, we learn about ‘mufa meals’  and how they are specifically designed to melt away belly fat.   Continue reading “Dr. Oz: Flat Belly Diet Plan”

Dr. Oz: Healthy Fast Food Drive-Thru Challenge

Fast Food - There are Healthful Fast Food ChoicesDr. Oz had Daymon Patterson, aka Daym Drops, on his show this week. Daymon is a You Tube fast food critic who does his reviews from the front seat of his car at the restaurant drive-thru. But of course, putting away so much greasy, salty junk food doesn’t sit well with Dr. Oz.  So Dr. Oz decided to take advantage of the Daymon’s popularity and presented the 400 pound critic with a three day healthy fast food challenge.  He gave Daymon a list “Healthy Fast Food Picks” to review for three days. Continue reading “Dr. Oz: Healthy Fast Food Drive-Thru Challenge”

The View: Dr. Oz on Arsenic, Vaccines, Obesity and Soy Milk

9-20-2012 Dr. Mehmet Oz visited with the ladies on The View giving them his advise on the current issue concerning arsenic levels in our children’s rice products.  He was previously in the media with a lot to say when he took on the FDA about his concern about the arsenic levels in our children’s apple juice!  Now the ladies of The View wants to know what we should do about rice as well as his take on vaccines for hooping cough, the rising obesity rates and does soy milk really make boobs grow on little boys! Continue reading “The View: Dr. Oz on Arsenic, Vaccines, Obesity and Soy Milk”

Dr. Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Experiment. Does It Work!

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Experiment9-10-2012  Dr. Oz started his new season off by letting us know that  he got slammed for calling “green coffee bean extract a miracle!”. He told us in April 2012 about this nearly caffeine free supplement extracted from the coffee bean in its green form. It contains an antioxidant that can actually melt fat away.  Regular coffee that we drink does not have this property because the substance is destroyed when the coffee bean is roasted.  Well it seems Dr. Oz’s recommendation took the diet world by storm! 

So to clear his name and prove the benefits of green coffee bean extract, The Dr. Oz  Show team did their own experimental study, involving about 100 participants.  Did it actually work?  Continue reading “Dr. Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Experiment. Does It Work!”

Dr Oz: Jennifer Hudson Tells How She Went From Size 16 to Size 6

Dr Oz and Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson actress, singer, Weight Watchers spokesperson and now author of her new book I Got This appeared on The Dr Oz Show to share her inspiring story of her transformation from size 16 to size 6.  In spite of the pressures of Hollywood, music career, personal tragedy, and the vicious public scutiny celebrities have to endure regarding their weight issues, it was motherhood that was the spark to motivate Jennifer into taking control of her health. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Jennifer Hudson Tells How She Went From Size 16 to Size 6”

Dr Oz: Lose Weight, Transform Your Health, Win $One Million Dollars!

Fireworks - Transformation NationSep 27, 2011 – Dr. Oz of The Dr. Oz Show rolled out his Transformation Nation, Million Dollar You,  a 7 step plan that he, and Weight Watchers have partnered up to help us lose at least 10% of our body weight.  Dr Oz says with 2 out 3 Americans overweight or obese, and epidemic proportions of diabetes, cancer and heart disease, losing 10% of your body weight will greatly reduce and even reverse some of these serious health problems. And it will also give you a chance to win One Million Dollars if you sign up to register for the program. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Lose Weight, Transform Your Health, Win $One Million Dollars!”

Dr Oz: Add Years To Your Life With The Longevity Calculator

Dr Oz - Will you still be around for your children?How many of us think we will be around to see our children graduate, get married, and have granchildren? Meet Jay, a 43 year old father of two who thinks he will be around into his 80’s and 90’s and will see his kids through the highlights of their lives. Well, Dr. Oz wants us all to take the The Longevity Calculator Quiz, a tool used by Northwest Mutual Insurance Company that can predict what age you will die based on your current lifestyle. Dr. Oz thinks that real numbers will pull us away from the glitter that we use to cover up the realities of life. And what’s Jay’s reality? Continue reading “Dr Oz: Add Years To Your Life With The Longevity Calculator”

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Diet Does Work!

Weight Watchers Does WorkU.S. News & World Report just released their “Best Diets” list and in the category of “Best Weight Loss Diets” they gave Weight Watchers the number one spot!  The Dr. Oz Show proved that very point on his show today.  About three months ago Dr. Oz introduced us to Susan and Pete, a couple who, after eight years of marriage, had gained 40 pounds.  They said they have tried several diets in the past but never was successful in sticking to one.  Dr. Oz’s “Truth Tube” numbers showed they were at risk for weight related health problems, so Dr. Oz teamed them up with Weighter Watcher’s Leader, Liz Josefsberg, who gave them tips and the support they needed to see the Weight Watcher’ s Points Plus plan through.  Three months later they are back on The Dr. Oz Show with their results. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Diet Does Work!”

Dr Oz: Fast Food Diet. Lose 5 Pounds In A Week!

Fast Food - There are Healthful Fast Food ChoicesDr. Oz is right!  For better or worse, fast food is an essential part of our lives! He said because of our packed schedules and limited free time, everyday some 80 million Americans will eat at a fastfood restaurant.  So true to form, Dr. Oz, who is passionately concerned about our health, on a recently featured Dr. Oz Show, visited several fast food restaurants and found that there are healthful choices you can make and actually lose weight!  Two of his viewers lost 5 and 6 pounds in a week long challenge on Dr. Oz’s Fast Food Diet Plan. Continue reading “Dr Oz: Fast Food Diet. Lose 5 Pounds In A Week!”