Today Show: Bill Clinton Speaks On The Economy

Bill Clinton speaks on the economySep 19, 2011 – NBC’s Today Show had former President Bill Clinton in an exclusive live in-studio interview with Matt Lauer.  This week in New York, The Clinton Global Initiative will have their 6th conference, bringing together some of the top minds in the world and in the world of business, to discuss current global issues. Of course one topic will be jobs as President Clinton pointed out there are hundreds of millions of people looking for jobs all over the world. Also, as President Obama is set to unveil his long term plan to bring down the national debt, Matt Lauer took this opportuniy to get Bill Clinton’s opinions on what it will take to turn the nation’s struggling economy around. Continue reading “Today Show: Bill Clinton Speaks On The Economy”

ABC World News: The Buffet Rule. The Mega-Rich Should Pay The Same Tax Rate As The Rest Of Us!

The Buffet Rule. The Mega-rich Should Pay The Same TaxesSep 18, 2011 – ABC World News with Diane Sawyer recently reported that billionaire investor Warren Buffet says it’s time for the mega-rich to pay at least the same tax rate as their employees!  Buffet asks, “Should he pay a smaller percentage of tax than his own secretary?” ABC’s Bianna Golodryga reports that Warren Buffet took aim at the nation’s tax system saying that his $45 billion fortune bought him access to an elite club that doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes! Continue reading “ABC World News: The Buffet Rule. The Mega-Rich Should Pay The Same Tax Rate As The Rest Of Us!”

Ford vs Toyota. Which One Creates More American Jobs?

Do American Brand Cars Create More American JobsThat’s the question ABC’s David Muir and Sharyn Alfonsi set out to answer in their report that aired on ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyeras part of their “Made in America” series.  They reported in the early 1960s 94% of all cars sold America were American brands.  Today only 45% of cars sold in America are American.  One auto industry job creates nine others jobs in United States, because that autoworker buys groceries, clothes, goes to the doctors, sends his kids to school etc..So wanting to keep jobs in America, does buying an American Brand car like Ford create more American jobs than a Foreign Brand car made in this country like Toyota? Continue reading “Ford vs Toyota. Which One Creates More American Jobs?”

ABC World News: The WHO Urges Precaution Of Cell Phone Use and Cancer Risk.

Are cell phones safe?Jun 1, 2011 – ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer together with Jim Sciutto reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) 24 hours ago delivered for the first time a urging precaution about cancer and cell phone use.  Anticipating the confusion of  millions of people who will be looking for answers for themselves and their children, the ABC team spent the day the digging into evidence and talking to the experts to bring new details and perspective.  Continue reading “ABC World News: The WHO Urges Precaution Of Cell Phone Use and Cancer Risk.”

Identity Thieves Are Targeting Children. You May Need To Check Your Child’s Credit!

Do I need to check my child's social security number for credit card fraud?May 12, 2011 – NBC’s Jeff Rossen did an investigative report that appeared on The Today Show this morning. Identity thieves are stealing the social security numbers of newborns, sometimes before they are even born knowing that they will have years to rack up debt before anyone ever thinks to run a credit check, which usually happens when your child applies for their first credit card or car loan! It seems that there are thousands and maybe tens of thousands of cases nationwide! Continue reading “Identity Thieves Are Targeting Children. You May Need To Check Your Child’s Credit!”

Rachael Ray: Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

How to increase your chances of winning the lottery.Rachael Ray recently had Richard Lustig on her show, who is the author of Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery and claims to be the first person in the history of any lottery system anywhere in the world that has ever won seven lottery grand prizes.

Richard said winning the lottery is absolutely not luck.  He says if you seriously want to win at playing the lottery you have to have a plan, stick to it, and be willing to do a little research like checking to see if your numbers have won before. He said his book explains the method he uses, but he shared some of his basic tips.   Continue reading “Rachael Ray: Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery”

Kate Is Not A Princess?

Kate and William - The Royal WeddingApr 29, 2011 – Following NBC’s Today Show coverage of Kate and William’s much anticipated wedding, it was surprising when Matt Lauer reported that just that very morning the Queen conferred William’s and Kate’s titles.

William will be…Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, The Earl of Strathearn, The Baron of Carrickfergus.

Kate will be…Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Lady of Carrickfergus.
It seems Waity Katy, as they call her in England, will have to wait until the Prince of Wales becomes King! But that announcement didn’t seem to put a damper on things. Kate looked radiant! Continue reading “Kate Is Not A Princess?”