Dr. Fuhrman: How To End Dieting Forever! Lose Weight Without Surgery!

Dr Fuhrman - Immunity SolutionDr. Fuhrman says “Stop starving yourself!…Diets just don’t work!” In his PBS special End Dieting Forever!  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, board certified medical doctor and New York Times best-selling author, shows us how we can eat more food and at the same time keep weight off and achieve optimal health. He tells us why today’s popular diets  may actually be harmful to our health!  True to his specialty in the preventing and reversing of disease through nutritional and natural methods as seen in his other PBS specials such as 3 Steps To Incredible Health and Immunity Solution, Dr. Fuhrman gives us effective alternatives where calorie counting is not the goal and just eating the right foods will inhibit fat storage on the body!  Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: How To End Dieting Forever! Lose Weight Without Surgery!”

Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies – PBS Special

Joy Bauer Food RemediesYou  may have seen Certified Nutritionist and best selling author Joy Bauer,  on one or many of her regular appearances on NBC’s Today Show as their nutrition expert, sharing countless nutrition tips, recipes and advice. And if you are a fan, you will be in for a treat if you are lucky enough to catch her own PBS special Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies. Joy says that “food has healing power and is considered nature’s medicine”.  She devotes this hour showing us how she has helped hundreds of people turn around heart conditions, manage diabetes and blood sugar, improve memory, just by making some simple tweaks to our diet and incorporating certain healthy foods into our everyday meals and recipes.  Her motto is “life is hard, food should be easy”.  Joy Bauer hopes this program will give you the information and the motivation to get started because it’s that doable!  Continue reading “Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies – PBS Special”

Deepak Chopra Solution – What Are You Hungry For? Intelligent Nutrition

Is Organic Worth The MoneyBoard Certified Physician and Mind-Body expert and teacher, Deepak Chopra, helps us explore the mind-body spirit connection between food and our emotions in his PBS special What Are You Hungry For? broadcast on WEDU, Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Chopra says self awareness is the key to controlling emotional eating. Asking ourselves ” What am I hunger for?” helps trigger the awareness of why and what we are about to eat and give us time to make better choices. In this program we explore ways to make food work for our health. Dr. Chopra will help us use the tools and knowledge revealed to us through ancient wisdom traditions and the latest findings through modern science. Continue reading “Deepak Chopra Solution – What Are You Hungry For? Intelligent Nutrition”

NBC Nightly News: Consumer Reports Say Ground Turkey May Not Be Safe.

Ground Turkey 5-1-2013 NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams reported on yet another consumer safety alert. This one is concerning ground turkey. Many of us have turned to ground turkey as a healthy alternative to beef and pork. But a new investigation by Consumer Reports may cause us to seek an alternative to that alternative. They have found that ground turkey may be a breeding ground for some dangerous bacteria such as salmonella that one consumer told NBC reporter Tom Costello she contracted most likely from a turkey burger and was hospitalized for five days as a result of the poisoning. Continue reading “NBC Nightly News: Consumer Reports Say Ground Turkey May Not Be Safe.”

Dr. Oz: Flat Belly Diet Plan

Flat BellyDr. Oz on his Dr. Oz Show, has yet another plan to help us lose those hard to get rid of pounds.  This time it’s his “Flat Belly Diet Plan” which targets belly fat, the most dangerous fat on our bodies.  He gives us four key “must do’s” if we want a flat belly and the best part he says we will have no problem sticking with this plan because it will give us enough tasty food that we will not be hungry!  With the help of a team of guest health professionals, we learn about ‘mufa meals’  and how they are specifically designed to melt away belly fat.   Continue reading “Dr. Oz: Flat Belly Diet Plan”

Spinach Recalls. Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria. What Can We Do?


11-7-2012  The news wires have reported yet another recall from that innocent, healthy salad green full of vitamins, minerals and cancer preventing antioxidants.  This time Fresh Express Incorporated is recalling their 9 oz packages of Spinach with a Use-by Date of November 7 and Product Code of S299B25 (upper left corner of package) due to a possible health risk from Salmonella There has been no reports of illness or consumer complaints as of this date, however random sample testing under regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, showed a positive result for Salmonella in an isolated instance. As a precaution, Fresh Express customer service representatives have contacted relevant retailers to verify the recalled product is removed from inventories and store shelves.   Continue reading “Spinach Recalls. Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria. What Can We Do?”

Dr. Oz: The Headlines Are Wrong. Organic Foods Are Healthier and Healthier For Our Kids. Aren’t Our Kids Worth The Extra Money?

Blueberries10-4-2012 Dr. Oz weighs in on the new study making the headlines that imply that organic food may not be healthier than conventional food. Researchers at Stanford found that organic foods have the same nutritional value as conventional foods, so the media headlines question if organics may not be worth the money. Dr. Oz says there is a glaring catch to this information.  The study seems to put more weight on the nutritional value of food and not as much concern for the toxic chemical pesticides that we consume in some of these conventional foods. He feels that the pesticides in food is a threat to our children’s health.  Dr. Oz believes that eating organic foods is one of the best ways to avoid exposure to this health threat and therefore organic food is worth the investment!
Continue reading “Dr. Oz: The Headlines Are Wrong. Organic Foods Are Healthier and Healthier For Our Kids. Aren’t Our Kids Worth The Extra Money?”

ABC World News: New Study Says Organic Food Has The Same Nutritional Value. Why Pay More?

Is Organic Worth The Money9-3-2012 The ABC World News Consumer Watchdog segment investigated the question, “Is the higher cost of organic foods worth it?”  ABC’s Sharyn Alfonsi says No! She says that a new study shows that going organic may not be worth the sometimes 50% increased price tag. She said that Stanford researchers went through 200 previously published studies to find out if organic produce was more nutritious.  What they found was that organic vegetables scored equal on vitamin and mineral content as conventional produce.  But is organic food safer? Continue reading “ABC World News: New Study Says Organic Food Has The Same Nutritional Value. Why Pay More?”

Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!

Omega 3 Supplements10-01-2012 The new controversial study by Greek researchers that said fish oil supplements containing omega 3 did not work to prevent stroke, heart attacks, or deaths from cardiac disease, question every recommendation that Dr. Oz has given us about using omega 3 to help us lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation as well as preventing heart disease.  Before we throw out our pills,  Dr. Oz says many experts disagree with these new findings. He invited Dr. Tanya Edwards, Medical Director, Center for Integrative Medicine at Cleveland Clinic to help explain. Continue reading “Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!”