“Omega 3 – EPA and DHA

EPA and DHA are specific types of Omega 3 fatty acids that medical evidence has shown are very important in reducing our risk of Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders, heart disease, some cancers and helps with skin and joint health. DHA is crucial for fetal and infancy brain and visual development. Best sources are cold water fish and fish oils like wild salmon. Try to intake at least .6 grams (600 mg) per day.

“Omega 3 and Omega 6. Dr Oz: All Omegas Are Not Created Equal and May Be Harmful to Your Health!

Omega 3 SupplementsThe Dr. Oz Show recently aired a segment devoted to teaching us the difference between the many types of omega fats and why not knowing these differences may actually be harmful to our health! Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder and Medical Director of The Ultra-Wellness Center in Massachusetts,  gives us valuable information that will help sort out our confusion on these essential fatty acids! Continue reading ““Omega 3 and Omega 6. Dr Oz: All Omegas Are Not Created Equal and May Be Harmful to Your Health!”

DHA Omega 3

DHA is a specific type of Omega 3 fatty acid. Dr. Oz says most of our brain is made up of DHA fat. That’s why getting enough of DHA is good for Brain Health.  Dr. Oz has also recommended DHA for Heart Health.  He says this type of Omega 3 is believed to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats).  He advises 600 mg per day. Continue reading “DHA Omega 3”

Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!

Omega 3 Supplements10-01-2012 The new controversial study by Greek researchers that said fish oil supplements containing omega 3 did not work to prevent stroke, heart attacks, or deaths from cardiac disease, question every recommendation that Dr. Oz has given us about using omega 3 to help us lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation as well as preventing heart disease.  Before we throw out our pills,  Dr. Oz says many experts disagree with these new findings. He invited Dr. Tanya Edwards, Medical Director, Center for Integrative Medicine at Cleveland Clinic to help explain. Continue reading “Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!”

Dr. Youn: Age Fixers – Foods to Look and Feel Younger Inside and Out!

Dr. Youn 70 year old MomIn his PBS special The Age Fix, Dr. Anthony Youn, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and one of the country’s foremost experts in beauty and anti-aging says one thing he has learned in the past 16 years of doing plastic surgery is that a healthy lifestyle and diet is the key to being young. “It’s not always what we put on our skin but what we put in our mouths.  You are what you eat and what you eat will determine how you look and how quickly you age.” He introduced us to his beautiful mother in the audience who at the age of 70 has never gone under the knife but has taken advantage of the advice that he is sharing with us. He presents what he calls “The Age Fix Diet”, that consists of the following three types of foods for eating to look younger.   Continue reading “Dr. Youn: Age Fixers – Foods to Look and Feel Younger Inside and Out!”

Fish Oil

Dr. Oz has long recommended taking fish oil supplements regularly as a way to get essential omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA,  in our diets. Studies show that these nutrients are necessary for brain health and development, prevention of heart disease, skin and joint health among a few. One of the natural food sources of these important nutrients are cold water, oily fish such as wild salmon, anchovy, and sardines.  Since many of us do not consume sufficient quantities of these foods, Dr. Oz has recommended we take a fish oil supplement containing at least 600 mg of the type DHA.  He feels this type of omega 3 will give us the most health benefits.

However a recent study by Greek researchers that hit the media  said that fish oil supplements may not be that effective in sudden deaths, total deaths and strokes.  Dr. Oz does not agree. 

Fish Oil Supplements May Not Be As Good As Once Thought!

Omega 3 Supplements9-11-2012 That’s what was reported on World News with Diane Sawyer.  ABC’s Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser says that while we are spending about $740 million a year on fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids for better heart health,  a new study out today says that those supplements may not be doing all the good that we thought!  Dr. Besser explained that researchers analyzed 20 previous studies on heart health involving about 70,000 patients and said that overall,  people taking fish oil supplements died of heart disease and stroke at the same rate as anyone else!  Continue reading “Fish Oil Supplements May Not Be As Good As Once Thought!”

Fish Oil Supplements. New Study. Blanket Statement May Be Giving The Wrong Message.

Omega 3 SupplementsA new study recently being reported by the news media about fish oil supplements, is concluding that some medical professionals think that the supplements may not be worth your money!  ANewDayANewMe.com wonder if this conclusion may be “jumping the gun” on the benefits of fish oil supplements and may be giving the wrong message to those who might benefit from taking it. Heart conditions are not be the only benefit to consuming such an important nutrient as omega 3’s.  Several of us here at ANewDayANewMe.com had joined the fish oil band wagon a few years ago and started taking a quality fish oil capsule containing 400mg EPA, 300mg DHA and 100mg of other omega 3’s. Within weeks we saw positive results!  Continue reading “Fish Oil Supplements. New Study. Blanket Statement May Be Giving The Wrong Message.”

Omega 3 – Good Fats

.6 to 1.2 grams per day is considered an acceptable range according to the Daily Reference Intakes (DRI). Women 31-50 years – 1.1 grams. Well documented evidence show sufficient intake of these nutrients can prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and cancers. There are three types of this ‘Essential Fatty Acid.’ ALA come from plant food sources such as Flaxseed, Flaxseed Oil, Walnuts and Canola oil. Our bodies can convert them into important EPA and DHA fatty acids but not always in sufficient quantities. EPA and DHA come from oily, cold water fish types such as salmon, herring and sardines. Since our brains contain a large quantity of DHA fatty acids, deficiencies in DHA have been associated with increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and dementia. DHA is also crucial for the proper brain and visual development during fetal and infancy growth.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Dr. Oz has always touted the benefits of these essential fatty acids from brain health, heart health, skin and joint health among a few. He has invited many guest medical professionals on his show such as Dr. Mark Hyman to help him bring home his point.  These nutrients can be found in oily cold water fish such as wild salmon, sardines, and mackerel.  Fish oil supplements have always been recommended by Dr. Oz  for those who do not eat enough of these foods. But recently a new study by Greek researchers hit the media saying that fish oil supplements containing omega-3 may not be as effective as we thought in preventing deaths to stroke and sudden death. Dr. Oz defended his position.  He recommends we take a fish oil supplement daily with a DHA amount of 600mg or more. More About Omega 3’s.