“Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. G-BOMBS! Superfoods That Can Heal and Prevent Disease.

BeansDr. Joel Fuhman, New York Times best-selling author,  Board Certified Physician and Nutritional Researcher says  “We have a real health care crisis in America and it is not going to be solved by politicians in Washington. We need a population that is fully educated on nutrition.  A population that is fully informed and knows how to protect themselves from disease.  We need a healthy population that requires little medical care.” That is the focus of his new PBS Special Immunity Solution, to help us throw away misconceptions that disease is inevitable or genetic. He wants us to know that we have the power to reverse illness and disease without medications and invasive surgeries. That through nutrition and Superfoods, G-Bombs!,  we can build a strong immune system that will remove toxins, repair itself and resist and fight disease. Continue reading ““Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. G-BOMBS! Superfoods That Can Heal and Prevent Disease.”

ABC World News: Harvard Study Says Blueberries and Strawberries Can Preserve Memory.

BlueberriesApr 26, 2012 – ABC World News with Diane Sawyer reported about a giant study that was released today about the superfood berries. It confirms what we have been hearing for years about blueberries.  The new study adds strawberries to the mix and says eating both berries can preserve memory.  Researchers from Harvard Medical School  gave 16,000 women over the age of 70 a memory quiz involving 10 words.  Researchers found that the women who did the best on the quiz were eating the most blueberries and strawberries. Continue reading “ABC World News: Harvard Study Says Blueberries and Strawberries Can Preserve Memory.”

Black Bean Brownies

Blackbean BrowniesOne would think that black beans and brownies should not be said in the same sentence, but surprisingly someone discovered that they work! Imagine a brownie that uses black beans in place of white flour! Though these brownies contain white sugar, most nutritionists agree that we should have some ‘junk food’ in our diets to avoid a sense of being depraved   And these ‘junk food brownies’ come with benefits! Chocolate and black beans are among the Top of the Antioxidants list.  And some medical professionals considered beans a Superfood. But this is a dessert and moderation and portion control is key. But make a batch and freeze a square or two in individual zip lock snack bags to grab for those times when you might need a quick little chocolate fix! Continue reading “Black Bean Brownies”

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are well known in North America as being the hair and other growing parts of “Chia Pets.” But they are actually a very nutritious food source used by the ancient Aztecs and still today in South America. These Superseeds are high in fiber (42% in one 1 oz serving), omega 3, calcium, protein, and tryptophan (the sleepy amino acid as in turkey!). Since Chia seeds can absorb up to 12 times its own weight, Dr. Oz has recommended them to boost weight loss because they can expand to help suppress appetite. Dr. Oz also recommends them to promote sleep because of their tryptophan content. There are many ways to eat them, sprinkle on cereals, salads, and yogurt without much noticeable flavor. Here’s a website devoted to 40 Ways to use Chia Seeds.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are from the cabbage family and include not only a variety of colored cabbages, but a wide variety of other vegetables. Cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, collard greens, bok choy and arugula are among the many.  They contain very potent antioxidants known for their cancer fighting properties. Dr. Oz says eat 4-5 servings of cruciferous vegetables daily for strong cancer protection and to clean toxins out of your body.  Dr. Oz includes these vegetables in his plan to recharge your liver and help it to repair itself in just days!

Dr. Fuhrman: GOMBS Superfoods, Reverse Disease, Lower Cholesterol, Prevent Cancer

Mushrooms and Onions“A properly fueled body is a miraculous self-healing machine”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD, board certified family physician, New York Times best-selling author, and widely published nutritional researcher, explains how you can lower your cholesterol, reverse heart disease and diabetes, and lose weight through natural methods.   On his PBS Special “Three Steps To Incredible Health” which recently aired on WEDU Tampa, Dr. Fuhrman outlined the three steps of his diet plan of nutrient rich foods to achieve optimal health without drugs and surgery. Dr. Oz, of The Dr. Oz Show says of Dr Fuhrman’s plan “A medical breakthrough. If you give this diet your complete commitment, there is no question in my mind that it will work for you.”

In this third step, Super Foods for Health and Pleasure,  Dr. Fuhrman explains that a solution for preventing cancer is right in our grocery stores and kitchens in the form of the Superfoods he calls…GOMBS! Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: GOMBS Superfoods, Reverse Disease, Lower Cholesterol, Prevent Cancer”

Dr. Fuhrman: How To End Dieting Forever! Lose Weight Without Surgery!

Dr Fuhrman - Immunity SolutionDr. Fuhrman says “Stop starving yourself!…Diets just don’t work!” In his PBS special End Dieting Forever!  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, board certified medical doctor and New York Times best-selling author, shows us how we can eat more food and at the same time keep weight off and achieve optimal health. He tells us why today’s popular diets  may actually be harmful to our health!  True to his specialty in the preventing and reversing of disease through nutritional and natural methods as seen in his other PBS specials such as 3 Steps To Incredible Health and Immunity Solution, Dr. Fuhrman gives us effective alternatives where calorie counting is not the goal and just eating the right foods will inhibit fat storage on the body!  Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: How To End Dieting Forever! Lose Weight Without Surgery!”

Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. Nutritarian Prescription For Building a Strong Immune System.

MicronutrientsWhat the heck is a Nutritarian!?  Oh, that’s a term coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Board Certified Family Physician and New York Times best-selling author whose life passion is helping people regain their health and vitality through nutritional and natural methods. In his new PBS Special, Immunity Solution, he tells us who he considers a Nutritarian and gives us his prescription to building a strong immune system that will fight autoimmune disease and cancer, without drugs and surgery. Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. Nutritarian Prescription For Building a Strong Immune System.”

Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. Prevent and Reverse Auto-Immune Disease and Cancers.

Dr Fuhrman - Immunity SolutionDr. Joel Fuhman, New York Times best-selling author, Nutritional Researcher and Board Certified Physician, is back with a new PBS Special, Immunity Solution. In this special he focuses how to build strong immune systems in order to prevent and fight the raising incidence of autoimmune illness. He tells us that there is modern nutritional scientific proof that disorders such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus,  even cancers and diabetes can be prevented and reversed without medications and surgeries.  When your immune system is working full force, you are not going to be at such risk for recurrent sinus infections, ear infections, bronchial infections, skin infections and digestion, headachesand allergies will improve also.  This program is full of eye opening information and great advise for those of us earnestly seeking to take control of our health and the health of our families. Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. Prevent and Reverse Auto-Immune Disease and Cancers.”

Dr. Oz: The Headlines Are Wrong. Organic Foods Are Healthier and Healthier For Our Kids. Aren’t Our Kids Worth The Extra Money?

Blueberries10-4-2012 Dr. Oz weighs in on the new study making the headlines that imply that organic food may not be healthier than conventional food. Researchers at Stanford found that organic foods have the same nutritional value as conventional foods, so the media headlines question if organics may not be worth the money. Dr. Oz says there is a glaring catch to this information.  The study seems to put more weight on the nutritional value of food and not as much concern for the toxic chemical pesticides that we consume in some of these conventional foods. He feels that the pesticides in food is a threat to our children’s health.  Dr. Oz believes that eating organic foods is one of the best ways to avoid exposure to this health threat and therefore organic food is worth the investment!
Continue reading “Dr. Oz: The Headlines Are Wrong. Organic Foods Are Healthier and Healthier For Our Kids. Aren’t Our Kids Worth The Extra Money?”

Dr. Oz: “I believed I was on a track for an early death. Dr. Fuhrman saved my live!”

Fuhrmanite-AdrienneThat was what one “Fuhrmanite” told Dr. Oz as she shared her story of how Dr. Joel Fuhrman, best selling author of Eat To Live and Super Immunity taught her how to follow his plan of using “food for medicine” to heal her body.  Adrienne said she was exhausted all the time, had high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She was a slave to 5 medications that she took everyday and was popping Ibuprofen like it was candy. But within 30 days of practicing Dr. Fuhrman’s program, she lost 26 pounds and despite the fact that she was still just under 300 pounds, she felt amazing! She always thought that it was her weight that was making her sick and feeling so bad but ultimately once she changed what she ate, it changed how she felt, literally within weeks! Dr. Joel Fuhrman appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and explained that by eating the right things you can not only reverse diseases, but you can lose weight without even trying! Continue reading “Dr. Oz: “I believed I was on a track for an early death. Dr. Fuhrman saved my live!””

Dr. Youn: Age Fixers – Foods to Look and Feel Younger Inside and Out!

Dr. Youn 70 year old MomIn his PBS special The Age Fix, Dr. Anthony Youn, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and one of the country’s foremost experts in beauty and anti-aging says one thing he has learned in the past 16 years of doing plastic surgery is that a healthy lifestyle and diet is the key to being young. “It’s not always what we put on our skin but what we put in our mouths.  You are what you eat and what you eat will determine how you look and how quickly you age.” He introduced us to his beautiful mother in the audience who at the age of 70 has never gone under the knife but has taken advantage of the advice that he is sharing with us. He presents what he calls “The Age Fix Diet”, that consists of the following three types of foods for eating to look younger.   Continue reading “Dr. Youn: Age Fixers – Foods to Look and Feel Younger Inside and Out!”

Ground Nuts – A Quick Prescription Recipe For Health

Ground-NutsDr. Joel Fuhrman, well known physician who coined the acronym G-BOMBS, say that seeds and nuts (the ‘S’ in G-BOMBS) are an important part of getting healthy. Compounds in seeds have been shown to prevent certain types of cancers like breast cancer.  Nuts provide those heart healthy Omega 3 fats.  He suggests we “eat at lease 1 ounce of raw seeds and nuts per day. Have one half ounce or one tablespoon of Chia seeds, Sesame Seeds, Flax or Hemp seeds. The other half ounce should include Walnuts…or any variety of other nuts like almonds, pecans, pistachio, macadamia etc.”  But we will not get the full benefit  if we do not chew them well. Our bodies cannot absorb nutrients from a big chunk of nut sitting in our gut! So grind your nuts for those days when you are rushing out the door and don’t have time to “Count your chews!”  Two large dinnerware soup spoon fulls of this ground nut mixture is about an ounce.  Sprinkle one on your breakfast cereal and one on your lunch salad and there you go! On your way to better health! Continue reading “Ground Nuts – A Quick Prescription Recipe For Health”

Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies – PBS Special

Joy Bauer Food RemediesYou  may have seen Certified Nutritionist and best selling author Joy Bauer,  on one or many of her regular appearances on NBC’s Today Show as their nutrition expert, sharing countless nutrition tips, recipes and advice. And if you are a fan, you will be in for a treat if you are lucky enough to catch her own PBS special Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies. Joy says that “food has healing power and is considered nature’s medicine”.  She devotes this hour showing us how she has helped hundreds of people turn around heart conditions, manage diabetes and blood sugar, improve memory, just by making some simple tweaks to our diet and incorporating certain healthy foods into our everyday meals and recipes.  Her motto is “life is hard, food should be easy”.  Joy Bauer hopes this program will give you the information and the motivation to get started because it’s that doable!  Continue reading “Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies – PBS Special”

Oprah: Nutrition Pillar of Bob Greene’s 20 Years Younger Plan

Brussel Sprouts are SuperfoodsThe Oprah Winfrey Show aired a program featuring Best Life Coach Bob Greene’s nutrition plan 20 Years Younger. Bob says you can look and feel 20 years younger by revamping four areas of your life: exercise, nutrition, skin care, and sleep. 20 of Oprah’s viewers chosen from thousands of e-mails participated in a 60 day challenge to see if the 20 Years Younger plan could improve their life. They committed to following the plan faithfully. Bob and Dream Team nutritionist Janis Jibrin taught the women the nutrition portion of the challenge. Continue reading “Oprah: Nutrition Pillar of Bob Greene’s 20 Years Younger Plan”


Turmeric is one of Dr. Oz’s favorite Superfoods. He says it is full of antioxidants, it helps fight cancer, it is anti-inflammatory and can even help lessen a hangover if you take turmeric before drinking alcohol!  It is linked to lower cases of Alzheimer’s.  During various shows, Dr. Oz and his guest experts have suggested a variety of ways to make turmeric part of your health regimen.

Since it works well in combination with black pepper, you can make a seasoning mixture by combining 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp black pepper, and 1/2 tsp garlic salt in a shaker. Sprinkle on your cruciferous vegetables and roast in the oven. Continue reading “Turmeric”

Wheat Germ

Dr. Oz considers wheat germ a Superfood. It is the nutrient dense kernel of the wheat plant that is unfortunately removed to make white flour!  It is loaded with B vitamins and fiber and has a very mild taste. That’s why Dr. Oz recommends it for those trying to lose weight. The B vitamins plays a role in boosting metabolism of fat.  It also keeps our mood in check by producing mood chemicals in our brain. The fiber content in wheat germ helps keep blood sugar in balance as well as promoting healthy bowel movements. Because of the mild taste, it is easy to incorporate into our diet. Dr. Oz suggests adding 2 tablespoons of wheat germ to yogurt, cereals, your favorite smoothie, salad dressings, meatloaf, meat and fish breading and more.