Dr. Fuhrman: GOMBS Superfoods, Reverse Disease, Lower Cholesterol, Prevent Cancer

Mushrooms and Onions“A properly fueled body is a miraculous self-healing machine”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD, board certified family physician, New York Times best-selling author, and widely published nutritional researcher, explains how you can lower your cholesterol, reverse heart disease and diabetes, and lose weight through natural methods.   On his PBS Special “Three Steps To Incredible Health” which recently aired on WEDU Tampa, Dr. Fuhrman outlined the three steps of his diet plan of nutrient rich foods to achieve optimal health without drugs and surgery. Dr. Oz, of The Dr. Oz Show says of Dr Fuhrman’s plan “A medical breakthrough. If you give this diet your complete commitment, there is no question in my mind that it will work for you.”

In this third step, Super Foods for Health and Pleasure,  Dr. Fuhrman explains that a solution for preventing cancer is right in our grocery stores and kitchens in the form of the Superfoods he calls…GOMBS!

Dr. Fuhrman feels these super foods are the most powerful disease fighting foods on the planet.  A simple way to remember them is to remember the word GOMBS.

  • Greens – Green vegetables have lots of different nutrients and systems that put a silicone like slippery coating on the inside of your blood vessels. They activate something inside the blood vessel called the Nrf2 mechanism that prevents plaque from binding to blood vessels and accelerates the rate at which fat melts away from the inside of the blood vessel.
  • Onions – In The Medical Journal of Clinical Nutrition a large study in Europe showed people who ate onions regularly showed a 60 to 70% reduction in all major cancers. That would be a reduction in prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer just from the higher consumption of onions. When you cut an onion, the gas that is given off creates disulfides and anti-cancer nutrients that are formed.
  • Mushrooms – A Recent study published in the international Journal of Cancer showed women who regularly consumed mushrooms are 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. That was about 10 g of mushrooms daily. That same study showed that the women who ate 10 g of mushrooms and simultaneously consumed green tea had 89% less likely to develop breast cancer.
  • Beans and Berries – Beans and berries have high cancer preventive antioxidants levels and promotes healthy brain function.
  • Seeds – Raw seeds and nuts contain phytochemicals and fats that help reduce inflammation, help reduce cholesterol, and helps the absorption of other important micronutrients. Dr. Fuhrman suggests having nuts as part of your salad or even making a salad dressing from them.

He says studies on mushrooms, onions, berries, and green vegetables showed dramatic protection against cancer and this is recorded in medical literature like The International Journal of Cancer and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Mushrooms and onions also contain angiogenesis inhibitors which are compounds that prevent nutrients feeding into tumors and cancers.
These foods prevent those abnormal cancer cells being fueled (starving the cancer cells).

In simple mushrooms there is a compound called aromatase inhibitors. It works on body hormones. These aromatase inhibitors lower toxic levels of estrogen hormone that promotes breast cancers and they lower the hormones that promote prostate cancer. These foods have multiple effects that get at cancer in lots of different angles to protect the body.

Dr. Fuhrman explains that this high nutrient eating style has been shown and published in The Medical Journal of Metabolism to lower cholesterol more than cholesterol drugs.  When you lower your cholesterol with superior nutrition you simultaneously lower your blood pressure, lose weight, and reduce inflammation.

How do you know you are getting the right amount of nutrients to prevent disease?

You may want to use a free online nutrient calculator such as The RightTrak.com. The RightTrak.com will calculate your Recommended Daily Allowances(RDA) for over 30 nutrients while it is calculating your BMI. You can select a variety of foods and The RightTrak will add up the nutrient values of your selected foods such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, beta carotene…and more. The RightTrak will turn Green if those allowances are met or Red if those allowances are not met.

Spend some time on The RightTrak.com and do several food searches. You will quickly learn and understand what favorite foods are giving you the most “Nutrient Bang for Your Buck!

Dr. Fuhrman offered an Incredible Health Combo Package which included some 6 DVDs of the program and additional information that was not aired,  Incredible Health books, recipes and meal plans and memberships to Dr. Fuhrman’s  health and wellness website as a donation gift exclusive to the viewers of this PBS Special.  The package items were offered in various levels of donations. Please contact your local PBS Station, WEDU or Dr. Fuhrmans’s website to see how to obtain these products and services.

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