Dr. Fuhrman: How To End Dieting Forever! Lose Weight Without Surgery!

Dr Fuhrman - Immunity SolutionDr. Fuhrman says “Stop starving yourself!…Diets just don’t work!” In his PBS special End Dieting Forever!  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, board certified medical doctor and New York Times best-selling author, shows us how we can eat more food and at the same time keep weight off and achieve optimal health. He tells us why today’s popular diets  may actually be harmful to our health!  True to his specialty in the preventing and reversing of disease through nutritional and natural methods as seen in his other PBS specials such as 3 Steps To Incredible Health and Immunity Solution, Dr. Fuhrman gives us effective alternatives where calorie counting is not the goal and just eating the right foods will inhibit fat storage on the body!  Why does Dr. Fuhrman say today’s popular diets may be harmful to our health? One reason is  “high protein”!

Dr. Fuhrman says scientific findings can explain. One such study published by Cell Metabolism, a journal that focuses on homeostatic mechanisms in areas of molecular and cellular biology, followed thousands of people for 18 years in the 50 to 65 age range and found death rates were up 75% and cancer rates climbed 400% in what researchers call a high-protein diet.

They considered a “high protein diet” if the calorie consumption was 18% animal protein which is a lot less animal protein than the average American eats. That would be a similar comparison to a 400% increased risk of cancer of someone eating 25 servings a week of animal products such as meat, chicken, fish, cheese or eggs as most Americans do vs someone eating 5 servings per week or less!

The critical point here is that some of the most popular diets such as Atkins, The Paleo Diet, and The Dukan Diet are encouraging people to eat large amounts of animal products, in some cases twice as much as  these studies considered to be “high-protein”. This is why these popular diets put us at a higher risk of cancer and increase death rates.

Another reason why dieting may be ‘bad’ is the practice of restricting calorie consumption.

Dr. Fuhrman explains that when we restrict our calories while dieting, our lipogenic enzymes, the fat storage enzymes, become ramped up. So after you lose some weight those fat storage enzymes stay in an excited state for months, making “weight regain” occur quickly after you go off the diet. So if you go back to eating the way you were, you will actually gain weight at an accelerated rate. In most cases you will put on more weight than when you were before you started the diet.

Also when you put this weight back on, the the fat is deposited differently in your body. The fat is deposited more internally around your organs. This yo-yo-ing of weight loss and weight gain also increases heart disease because the fat is also deposited in your arteries. That’s why so many heart attacks occur on or around the holidays where people have gone off their diets to holiday binge on foods!

Alternative…Eat Nutrient Dense Foods… It’s not how many calories you eat, but the nutritional quality (how many nutrients ) in the calories you eat! The fat in an almond or a walnut contains a lot more quality nutrients than the fat in French Fries!

Dr. Fuhrman teaches us that foods that contain large amounts of nutrients are foods that will block the storage of fat in our bodies and will keep us healthy because these same foods contain nutrients that naturally protect us against disease and inhibit cancer growth! And what are the foods that contain these fat blocking, anticancer nutrients? Fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans!

Is that why America is so Overweight and Sick? Are we not eating enough nutrients?

Dr. Fuhrman says The Standard American Diet (SAD), is 55% processed food, 30% animal products, 11% fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans, and about 4% of grains. And if you take out white potatoes,  our consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans drops to 6%!

This means that about 95% of foods we eat do not contain cancer and disease preventative nutrients!… and one big culprit is FAST FOOD!

What is Fast Food? Dr. Fuhrman says…

  • Can be eaten fast.
  • Is digested fast.
  • Enters the body fast. When a large calorie meal of fast food enters quickly, the body cannot burn off all those calories so it has to be converted and stored as fat!

What about Food Cravings?  Dr. Fuhrman says will go away with “Micro-nutrient fulfillment”.

Food that contain lots of nutrients/micronutrients will reduce our cravings for processed and junk food and will reduce our desire to binge and over eat.  Our bodies are always naturally striving to get the nutrients it needs to work properly. So when we eat foods that are low in micro-nutrients our bodies fight to get more nutrients by producing cravings for more food (Toxic Hunger). But when we eat foods that are high in nutrients, our bodies don’t need to crave because it is getting all the nutrients that it needs.

So how do we End Dieting Forever but still lose weight, stay slim and have a long happy live?

Dr. Fuhrman says to adopt a “Nutritarian Lifestyle” and to eat in a way that is scientifically designed to protect against disease. Eat more anticancer foods because these same foods that inhibit cancer growth also inhibit fat storage and will  reduce cravings and overeating. Besides, with vegetables, you can eat as much as you want and don’t have to worry about teeny, tiny little diet portion sizes!

The Plan!…”Onions, Beans and Greens are the secret to getting Lean”…Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendations of foods to eat every day. (Including some of Dr. Fuhrman’ s favorite G-BOMBS). You will probably be eating other foods along with these recommended daily requirements including a small amount of animal products. Keep in mind that 5 servings per week of animal products is acceptable to enhance your diet, not the 25 servings per week that will increase health risks!

  1. A large green salad – Along with other favorite salad veggies like romaine and tomatoes, be sure to include raw cruciferous vegetables and raw onions.
    • Cruciferous veggies can include shredded red cabbage, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts. Lightly steaming some cruciferous vegetables can better bring out their health properties. Cruciferous veggies activate detoxification enzymes in the body, block abnormal cell division that can lead to cancer, and interfere with growth of fat and help remove fat from the body.
    • Raw onions are rich in phytochemicals that fight disease and helps us maintain our weight. They contain flavonoids, quercitin, chromium, organosulfides, polyphenols, phytosterols, all super good for you!  A massive European study showed a 50% to 85% reduction in all major cancers in those eating about a half cup of onions a day.  Also favorable bacteria grows in our digestive tract from eating onions. And this favorable bacteria helps prevent diabetes and heart disease.
    • Don’t ignore the importance of choosing a tasty but healthy Salad Dressing. It is important to eat some oil with vegetables to facilitate the absorption of  ‘fat soluble’ nutrients.  But remember that each tablespoon of oil contains about 100 calories!  So experiment with nutrient dense oils that also contain anti-cancer properties. Blend up a dressing of seeds and nuts and avocados of which their oils will contain natural anti-cancer properties.  Include the juice acids of oranges, lemons, limes and naturally flavored aged vinegars with your favorite herbs and spices.
  2. Bowl of vegetable bean soup – Along with your favorite beans and spices, include mushrooms. Beans and mushrooms are both best eaten cooked. Make a big pot of a bean “Super Stew/Soup” on the weekend and eat all week! ( Here is one recipe that you can even freeze in dinner size containers for quicky meals)
    • Beans are high in fiber and high in slowly digestible starches. So beans keep you satisfied for hours. They also contain resistant starches, which are starches that do not get absorbed in the body. Dr. Fuhrman says ..”these starches allow the calories of beans to pass right through you and right into the toilet!”.  He says beans are the food most correlated in multiple studies for life longevity. One study documented that for each two tablespoon of beans eaten death rates decreased by 8%!
    • Mushrooms are actually a Superfood! One study showed that just 10 grams, about the size of your thumb, can lower cancer rates by over 60%. And when you combine mushrooms with greens, breast cancer reduction was close to 90%. Mushrooms also normalize hormones and resist fat storage. Remember, just a little bit goes a long way!
  3. A large serving of steamed green vegetables – Some vegetables release certain properties when raw and other properties when steamed. Have a large serving of a variety and mixture of steamed veggies such as steamed greens, asparagus, string beans, artichokes, snow pea pods etc. You can fill your tummy with as much as you want! No tiny diet portions here!

Can we really lose weight without counting calories? Dr. Fuhrman introduced us to one patient who lost 161 pounds in one year on this program. Of course his cholesterol and blood pressure also normalized. Going through his entire time on this program, the patient said he never weighed any food or counted any calories or used portion control. He said “I eat until I am full. My taste buds also exploded during this time. Things that I would never have considered before, or just did not like, now I find myself craving…”

To see Dr. Fuhrman’s  PBS Special End Dieting Forever  check your local TV listings or contact your local Public Broadcasting Stations. They may also offer a Donor Combo Package of information which may include such items as DVDs of the program, Dr. Fuhrman’s latest book, and other tools and information and membership access to Dr. Fuhrman’s Health and Wellness website.

How do you know you are getting the right amount of nutrients to prevent disease? You may want to use a free online nutrient calculator such as The RightTrak.com. The RightTrak.com will calculate your Recommended Daily Allowances(RDA) for over 30 nutrients while it is calculating your BMI. You can select a variety of foods and The RightTrak will add up the nutrient values of your selected foods such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, beta carotene…and more. The RightTrak will turn Green if those allowances are met or Red if those allowances are not met. Spend some time on The RightTrak.com and do several food searches. You will quickly learn and understand what favorite foods are giving you the most “Nutrient Bang for Your Buck!

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