“Dr. Fuhrman: Immunity Solution. G-BOMBS! Superfoods That Can Heal and Prevent Disease.

BeansDr. Joel Fuhman, New York Times best-selling author,  Board Certified Physician and Nutritional Researcher says  “We have a real health care crisis in America and it is not going to be solved by politicians in Washington. We need a population that is fully educated on nutrition.  A population that is fully informed and knows how to protect themselves from disease.  We need a healthy population that requires little medical care.” That is the focus of his new PBS Special Immunity Solution, to help us throw away misconceptions that disease is inevitable or genetic. He wants us to know that we have the power to reverse illness and disease without medications and invasive surgeries. That through nutrition and Superfoods, G-Bombs!,  we can build a strong immune system that will remove toxins, repair itself and resist and fight disease.

Dr. Fuhrman says that a powerful, fully functioning immune system can protect us from  some of the most common cancers in America,  breast cancer, prostate cancer,  colon cancer and pancreatic cancer.  He says we can prevent 90% or more cancer deaths by nutritional methods. And even though the medical profession has largely ignored dietary causation, Dr. Fuhrman says that there are numerous studies well documented in medical literature of the beneficial results of nutritional treatment methods. He has also seen success in his own 20 years of treating thousands of people utilizing his nutritional programs, even reversing their chronic medical conditions after they were told that their conditions were their irreversible!

The epidemic of disease and illness in America came with the advent of quick and easily accessible processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, sugary and salty snacks, today finding the American Standard Diet (SAD) with only about 10% of nutrient rich vegetables and fruit.
Dr. Fuhrman says that by following his Immunity Solution program, you flip the American diet from a 10% nutrient rich diet to a 90% nutrient rich diet.

And the key players are what he calls G-BOMBS! Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds.  These foods contain a rich supply of micronutrients and phytochemicals, food compounds that research has shown to prevent, heal and fight cancer and disease. G-Bombs! is actually a revised acronym from a previous PBS Special – Dr. Fuhrman: Three Steps To Incredible Health.  In this new program, Immunity Solution, Dr. Fuhrman shares more information about the importance of these Superfoods.

  • Greens – These foundational foods should be eaten in large amounts. The consumption of raw greens have been proven to reduce cancer rates in more than 200 separate scientific studies. In each of our cells is a DNA sequence called the antioxidant response element, Nrf2. It’s like the protective force field around the “Starship Enterprise.” Our cells have this anticancer force field which is fueled by green vegetables.
    And the greens that have the most powerful fuel for the cells protective function are cruciferous vegetables.  Good examples are collard greens, brussels sprouts, broccoli, arugula, cabbage and bok choy (aka Chinese cabbage/ pak choy).  The protective compound is called Isothiocyanate, (ITC).  As we chew these types of vegetables, a beneficial protective enzyme is released from the vegetables’ cell walls before we swallow.  This enzyme is also released when we chop or blend the vegetable.  In a recent medical study, men who ate 28 servings of vegetables a week decrease their instance of prostate cancer by 33%.  However if they ate just three servings of cruciferous vegetables a week they decrease their instance of prostate cancer by 41%.  Another study showed that women who ate cruciferous vegetables daily,  decreased breast cancer deaths by 62% compared to women who did not eat cruciferous vegetables.  And this decrease in deaths from breast cancer also included women who were already diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Beans, Peas, Lentils – When you eat beans regularly, you prevent tumors from forming in the body due to a protective compound called Inositol Pentakisphosphate (Ip-5). This compound was found to inhibit a key enzyme involved in tumor growth. They are also rich in anti-cancer polyphenols.  A study showed that men who ate beans regularly had a 40% decreased risk of developing prostate cancer.  A six-year study tracking over 32,000 people showed that eating beans, peas and lentils only twice a week reduced the risk of developing colon cancer by 50%. Beans are very high in fiber and resistant starch. Dr. Fuhrman explains that resistant starch is resistant to being digested which means that lots of the carbohydrate calories in beans does not get absorbed by the body but passes through us.  About one half of the carbohydrate calorie in beans do not get absorbed by the body, which makes beans a weight-loss favorable food. Beans make you feel full, stabilize your blood sugar, protect you against cancer, and they help you lose weight. If you eat beans on a regular basis, your body builds up the necessary bacteria to digest them so that you don’t have a gas problem.
  • Onions –  A multi-country European study tracked the consumption of food and cancer and found the one most protective variable of prostate cancer was onions. On the other hand, the strongest cause factor of cancer was the consumption of animal products, specifically meat and dairy. Tomatoes have gotten a lot of publicity because of the protective effect of tomatoes on prostate cancer. But pooling numerous studies from 37 different countries on onions and cancer, Dr. Fuhrman found between a 50 and 88% reduction in the incidence of various cancers. Similar to green cruciferous vegetables, when you cut the onion, it causes a chemical reaction to occur, the same reaction that makes your eyes burn. But this reaction is what forms sulfur compounds that have powerful anticancer effects. To increase the powerful anticancer effects of onions eat some raw onion and chew them very well. If you plan to cook the onion, chop it first to release the anti-cancer sulfur compounds. Cooking does not destroy the sulfur compounds once released, but heat neutralizes the reaction that forms the sulfur compounds. In short, chop onions before you cook them!
  • MushroomsMushrooms – Dr. Fuhrman says that Mushrooms are the Kings of the Cancer Fighting All-Stars. Mushrooms have three important and unique cancer defenses.
    1. They contain Antigen Binding Lectins. This means that these compounds stick to the surfaces of abnormal cells so the body can recognize and attack those cells, in order to remove them before they become cancerous. Our immune system has the ability to fully recognize abnormal cells and remove them. But only when that function is fully activated by eating mushrooms.
    2. They are strong Angiogenesis Inhibitors. These are compounds that inhibit new blood vessel growth. In order for a tumor to grow and cells to become cancerous and spread, they have to send out signals that create new blood vessels which feed tumors with nutrients and oxygen. Mushrooms contain those compounds that help stop those signals from creating new blood vessels. They virtually help starve the tumors by restricting nutrients and oxygen to the cancer cells. Fat on our bodies are also like a tumor. It secretes hormones that stimulate growth of blood vessels. The fat on our bodies cannot grow without a delivery system and highways that bring it more calories. Mushrooms help stop that delivery system.
    3.  They contain Aromatase Inhibitors. These compounds prevent the body from making excess estrogen. They also protect the breast tissue from being stimulated from circulating estrogen. That’s why mushrooms is such a protector against breast cancer. It’s as if mushrooms is a necessary arm of your immune system.
    Just like a car needs oil, your immune system needs greens, onions and mushrooms or it will not function properly.
  • Beans and Berries – Not only do berries taste good, but they are a great diet and weight loss food. They are so low in calories that they had a low glycemic load for a diabetic. Berries can also slow aging of the brain and prevent dementia. There are also powerful anti-cancer benefits to eating berries. Ellagic acid and anthocyanins are prominent phytochemicals in berries that inhibit the growth of abnormal and cancer cells. One recent study gave strawberry concentrates to patients with esophageal cancer and found that the cancers reversed or stopped progressing.
    The anti-cancer potential here is even surprising the researchers involved in the studies. These findings are a hotbed of recent excitement. What is observed is that we can almost wiped out cancer in animals genetically prone to get these cancers when fed a mixture of these particular super foods.
  • Seeds – Numerous studies on seeds and lignins (a group of chemical compounds found in plants) derived from seeds is simply spectacular.  One study involved a double-blind placebo-controlled trial with flaxseed. They gave women who had breast cancer a flaxseed containing muffin every day and the other half of women a muffin that did not contain flaxseed, a placebo. Six weeks later the breast cancer tumors were biopsied. They found significant breast cancer cell death and significant regression of cancer growth in the group that had the flaxseed.
    Another study on lignins from seeds, they tracked women who had breast cancers and  tracked the amount of lignins consumed over a 10-year period. The women who ate the most lignins which was less than 1 mg per day, had a 71% decrease in breast cancer mortality over that 10 year period. 1 teaspoon of flax or Chia seeds have about 7 mg of lignins. In the study, just 1 mg per day made a significant difference.

How do you know you are getting the right amount of nutrients to prevent disease?

You may want to use a free online nutrient calculator such as The RightTrak.com. The RightTrak.com will calculate your Recommended Daily Allowances(RDA) for over 30 nutrients while it is calculating your BMI. You can select a variety of foods and The RightTrak will add up the nutrient values of your selected foods such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, beta carotene…and more. The RightTrak will turn Green if those allowances are met or Red if those allowances are not met.

Spend some time on The RightTrak.com and do several food searches. You will quickly learn and understand what favorite foods are giving you the most “Nutrient Bang for Your Buck!

Or you can take Dr. Fuhrman’s prescription for using G-Bombs in a Nutritarian Diet.

To learn more about GBombs and to view the  Dr. Fuhrman’s  PBS Special,  Immunity Solution,  check your local TV listings or contact your local Public Broadcasting Stations. They may offer an Immunity Solution Combo Package of information which may include such items as DVDs of the program including additional information that was not aired, Dr. Fuhrman’s latest book, Super Immunity, a Nutritarian handbook to help you make healthy food choices, recipes and menus, proper cooking methods to retain nutrients, helpful tips for making proper food choices, and memberships to Dr. Fuhrman’s’s Health and Wellness website.

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