Dr. Mark Hyman: Calories In and Calories Out Is Only Half The Story

Getting healthy is way more than calories in and calories out according to Dr. Mark Hyman.  That is only half the story.  As an internationally respected physician, and best selling author, Dr. Hyman gives us the other half of the story in his PBS special The Blood Sugar Solution. The story is the national epidemic of obesity and diabetes, diabesity.  He gives us a better understanding of the disease, some hidden factors and new discoveries  He tells us how we can succesfully reverse the condition and take back our health.

Dr. Hyman tells us that “Diabesity is the continuum between obesity and diabetes”.   He explains that as we gain weight we move along a slippery slope all the way from normal blood sugar and insulin levels, to prediabetes, all the way to full-blown type 2 diabetes.  And anywhere along that slippery slope you already have diabesity.  Most people think that diabetes is caused by too high a blood sugar level but even if your blood sugar is normal, you can still have diabesity. The problem is not your blood sugar. The problem is too much insulin! Insulin is the fat storage hormone.

Dr. Hyman explains that insulin opens the gates to let the sugar into your cells and this keeps your blood sugar even.  But because our modern diet consists of industrial, processed, high sugar foods, we produce too much insulin. and as a result, our cells become numb to the effects of insulin. Our bodies are then forced to pump out more and more insulin just to keep your blood sugar in balance. This is called insulin resistance.

This causes a vicious cycle of big swings in your blood sugar that drive even bigger swings in insulin.  And these yo-yos of sugar and insulin causes you to gain belly fat, raises your blood pressure, messes up your cholesterol, makes you infertile, kills your sex drive, stops your erections, makes you depressed, tired and demented.  It even causes cancer in millions of people every year.

All this can happen without even getting full-blown diabetes!  Diabesity!  Dr. Hyman says diabesity is the number one cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and type 2 diabetes.  90% of the people with this disease don’t even know they have it.

Why does our modern diet of industrial, processed, high sugar foods start this vicious, unhealthy cycle?

It seems that food is more powerful than we think. It’s not about the calories!  Dr. Hyman tells about a revolutionary, scientific discovery where scientists found the genetic material of plants in the blood of humans which leads them to believe that plant genes are telling human genes what to do!

Dr. Hyman said this is the basis of a whole new science called Nutrigenomics, how food talks to our genes and turns on messages of weight gain or weight loss, health and disease.  Think about it.  Is a  thousand calories of broccoli the same as 1000 calories of soda?  They have very different effects on our blood sugar, cholesterol, our hormones, metabolism,  on inflammation and weight.  If we focus on food quality, on whole real fresh food, your body will know exactly what to do.  Don’t give your body the wrong information with processed, sugary, low fiber, industrial food what Dr. Hyman calls “food like substances”.

And Dr. Hyman has proof that diet changes can completely reverse diabesity. The Blood Sugar Solution is actually a program to restore health practiced in his clinic called The UltraWellness Center.

He tells us of George.  At 63 years old and 300 pounds,  George had one of everything.  Diabetes, angina, heart failure, fatty liver, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low thyroid function, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and swollen legs.  He was exhausted, congested, inflamed and toxic. George would have normally been treated for each of these conditions. But Dr. Hyman knew he had only one  problem, diabesity, and if they could fix the diabesity, everything else would go away.

George was put on The Blood Sugar Solution.  The nutrition, the supplements, exercise, and a lifestyle plan. As a result, all of George’s numbers returned to normal!

Before After
Cholesterol 214 161
Triglycerides 130 54
Blood sugar 213 81
Insulin 36 7
Blood pressure 165/100 120/75

And he lost 140 pounds as a side effect of getting healthy!  His fatty liver, which was like foie gras,  became healthy. Dr. Hyman did not treat all of his diseases individually. 20 drugs for 20 diseases! That’s craziness! George’s diseases when away as a side effect of creating health.  And he became 20 years younger biologically!

Seven Steps To Reverse Diabesity

Food Is Medicine!

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