Dr. Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Experiment. Does It Work!

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Experiment9-10-2012  Dr. Oz started his new season off by letting us know that  he got slammed for calling “green coffee bean extract a miracle!”. He told us in April 2012 about this nearly caffeine free supplement extracted from the coffee bean in its green form. It contains an antioxidant that can actually melt fat away.  Regular coffee that we drink does not have this property because the substance is destroyed when the coffee bean is roasted.  Well it seems Dr. Oz’s recommendation took the diet world by storm! 

So to clear his name and prove the benefits of green coffee bean extract, The Dr. Oz  Show team did their own experimental study, involving about 100 participants.  Did it actually work? 

To get the science right,  Dr. Oz consulted with his medical advisory board including weight-loss specialists,  nutritionists, and researchers in the field.

Dr. Caroline Apovian, Director of Center for Nutrition and Weight Management says it was important to choose a group of women who were similar.  They chose a group of women between the ages of 35 and 49 who were overweight and had a BMI of 25 to 45.  It had to be a safe experiment,  so the women could not have any history of diabetes, heart attack or stroke and no pregnancy or breast feeding.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD, Wellness Manager of The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute says it was mandatory that all participants keep a food log so that they could see if the weight loss was attributed to the extract or other factors in their diet.  It was important for them not to make any changes in their normal diet.  They could eat pizza, sweets or whatever was normal for each participant.  It was also important for all of them to follow the same instructions on when and how to take the supplement.

Half of the group took the green coffee bean extract in its pure form and the other half took a placebo.  No one knew which one they were given.

For two weeks they followed the participants as they documented their daily routine.

How did they do?

Overall total weight lost was about 123 pounds in two weeks!

The green coffee bean group lost 81.5 pounds in the two weeks.  One women in the audience lost 4 pounds and three inches off her waist even though she admitted she ate everything in sight!  Another woman lost 3 pounds.

The placebo group lost 42 pounds.  A placebo (a pill with no active ingredient)  was necessary because there is an element of “the power of suggestion” which takes place in our minds.  If someone tells you that a pill (fake or not) will make you lose weight,  sometimes that suggestion will effect your behavior.  One woman in the placebo group lost 1 pound.  She said she noticed that although she didn’t change her diet, she didn’t feel like eating as much as she normally would.  She now thinks her loss in appetite may have been caused by “the power of suggestion” from the placebo.

Dr. Oz said these results were consistent with other studies of green coffee bean extract.  He feels that the green coffee bean extract worked for his study .  His participants lost an average of 2 pounds in two weeks which doubled the expected weight loss.  Experts say this is a safe and healthy amount to lose in that time frame.

The participants taking the green coffee bean extract did not experience the jitteriness that sometimes is associated with caffeine intake. Dr. Oz says this is because there is very little caffeine content in the extract, much less than in coffee. 

Even though green coffee bean extract is deemed safe,  it is best to err on the side of caution.  Dr. Oz  says do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding or if you are a young person under the age of 18 because we do not know enough about this extract.

If you are going to take the green coffee bean extract it is important that you take the proper dosage and not be duped into taking fake and ineffective products.  The extract group took 400 mg, 3 times daily,  ½ hour before meals. A 30 day supply costs about $30.00.

Dr. Oz gives us these important tips…

  • Beware of products that use Dr. Oz’s name and/or image. He does not endorse products! Many scammers may use this tactic to get you to buy fake products.
  • Do not be duped by the words “Pure.” Instead look on the label for ingredients such as SVETOL® or GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant)
  • The product should contain at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • There should be zero fillers,  zero binders,  zero artificial ingredients.
  • Do not purchase if you cannot see and review the list of ingredients.

Dr. Oz invites you to log-in to his website and share your weight loss experience while using the green coffee bean extract.


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