Dr. Oz: Healthy Fast Food Drive-Thru Challenge

Fast Food - There are Healthful Fast Food ChoicesDr. Oz had Daymon Patterson, aka Daym Drops, on his show this week. Daymon is a You Tube fast food critic who does his reviews from the front seat of his car at the restaurant drive-thru. But of course, putting away so much greasy, salty junk food doesn’t sit well with Dr. Oz.  So Dr. Oz decided to take advantage of the Daymon’s popularity and presented the 400 pound critic with a three day healthy fast food challenge.  He gave Daymon a list “Healthy Fast Food Picks” to review for three days.

The Healthy Drive-Thru Diet Challenge met these criteria:

  • Under 500 calories
  • Zero Trans fat
  • Less than 1000 mg sodium

Daymon’s favorites were:

Breakfast – Subway’s egg white with grilled cheese sandwich on a nine grain wheat bread.  It had 320 calories and 3 g of saturated fat.

Lunch – McDonald’s premium Caesar salad with grilled chicken and apple slices.  205 calories and 3 g of saturated fat.

Dinner – Boston Market‘s rotisserie chicken quarter white meat with no skin, sweet corn and fresh steamed vegetables.  420 calories and 1 g saturated fat.

Actually, this was not Dr. Oz’s first Fast Food Challenge, but Daymon did this challenge for Dr. Oz because he realizes he needs to embrace a healthier lifestyle to be around for his wife and kids and his Mother.  At 394 pounds with a height of 6’5”, his BMI was 47 which puts him in the super obese category. Daymon’s blood pressure was 164/96.  An ideal blood pressure would be 115/75.

So Dr. Oz asked Daymon to lead the way for a lot of people who see themselves in Daymon’s situation by posting a video once a month picking out a healthy meal at the drive-through.  Dr. Oz will post his video on the Dr. Oz website.

Dr. Oz’s “Road Rules” tips for eating fast food drive-through:

  • Always start with a side salad or a soup. If you fill up on these first, you’ll eat less of the main meal or burger.
  • Keep in your car what Dr. Oz calls “flavor elevators” to use instead of salt which will elevate your blood pressure.  Try red pepper flakes, a hot sauce such as Sriracha and garlic powder.
  • Chew your food at least 10 seconds. It helps you slow down your eating and savor the flavors and will give your body the time to naturally feel full and satisfied.

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