Dr Oz: How To Know Fake Botox Treatments. They Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Dr Oz - Beware of Fake Botox DealsMay 11, 2011 – The Dr. Oz Show reported that according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, last year 5.4 million underwent Botox cosmetic procedures, making it the number one minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in America today, a staggering increase of nearly 600% in the last 10 years! With an average cost of $300-$500 per session, not everyone can afford it.

That leaves the door open for predators, looking for opportunities to prey upon the emotionally or financially vulnerable who may fall for a variety of bogus schemes, in many cases to the detriment of their health!  Dr. Oz attempts to empower us with information so we may avoid those pitfalls.  Dr. Oz says it’s illegal for anyone other than doctors, nurses or other licensed medical professionals to administer this potentially dangerous toxin. Yet Botox treatments are being offered in places such as Botox parties, mall kiosks, and in tourist area strip mall stores. Unqualified persons are able to order Botox on the internet online.

Dr. Oz had guest doctor Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry, MD explain that because Botox is so popular many people deceptively think it is simple. In most cases it is usually safe. But Dr. Perry said Botox is a powerful drug that can paralyze the muscles that are used in swallowing and breathing. People seem to think that getting Botox is like getting a facial.  It is not.  It is a real medical procedure and it deserves respect.

Dr. Oz introduced a middled aged couple that had botox treatments and after experiencing several distressing symptoms ended up in the hospital on life support and three months on a ventilator.  They had to learn how to talk and walk again.

The couple said they let their guard down because they went to a doctor in a two-story medical clinic with an impressive staff of five doctors, several nurses and technicians.

They were injected with raw Botulinum Toxin A that they had gotten over the internet and as a result of working with the FDA regarding their near fatal experience, 200 doctors had that product taken out of their offices.

To prove a point of how so many of us are willing to let anyone inject us with a potentially dangerous substance, The Dr. Oz Show setup a fake salon offering a Botox special and staffed it with actors and Dr. Oz employees. And sure enough, a perfectly intelligent woman sits down in the chair all ready to get Botox injected!  When Dr. Oz appeared she immediately realized her mistake and admitted she was totally embarassed and ashamed to have allowed herself to be caught in such an irresponsible situation.

Dr. Oz had another guest doctor, Dr. Bryan Liang, MD Vice President, Partnership For Safe Medicines explain that in the West Coast alone they are seeing a 20% increase over last year in fake Botox inside of clinics. It is readily available everywhere.  Basically you have to depend on the ethics of the people and doctors who are buying it.  Dr. Liang said one billionth of an ounce can kill.  The difference between anti-wrinkle use and poison is the weight of one eyelash.  The weight of one eyelash can kill 25,000 people!

Dr. Oz gave us questions that we need to ask and demand the answers.

  1. Who is injecting this Botox?  Dr. Perry says that the types of professionals who should inject you should be plastic surgeons, dermatologists, properly trained ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists/ENTs (ear, nose and throat).  Dr. Oz looked into what it takes to be Botox certified and you can be certified in 1 day and online!!  Make sure that the person has done enough of these procedures to have experience. Be more concerned with how much experience they have versus just having a certification which can be had in 24 hours online!!!
  2. What kind of Botox is it?  How do you know the difference between fake and real Botox?  If the price is too good to be true, that is a huge indicator of a problem.  Insist on looking at Dr Oz- Botox Allergan 3-D Hollogramthe bottle.  Make sure it has not been used, there is a metal cap on all of these products. If that has been taken off, it has been used before. If it has been used more than 24 hours earlier, it is no longer effective.  Make sure it is Allergan Cosmetic Botox, and make sure it has the Allergan 3-D hologram on it. Take the bottle out of their hands and look for yourself for the hologram. Make sure it is not expired.
  3. Where are you going for your injections? Is the doctors’s office the only safe place to get Botox?  Dr. Perry said in short YES!  It should not be done in a home or in a spa or the like.
  4. Get references. Talk to people who have had that doctor’s treatments.
  5. Price. If it is $99 and it is suppose to be $300-$500,  Dr. Oz says you are not getting what you are suppose to be getting. Big Red Flag!

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