Dr. Oz: “I believed I was on a track for an early death. Dr. Fuhrman saved my live!”

Fuhrmanite-AdrienneThat was what one “Fuhrmanite” told Dr. Oz as she shared her story of how Dr. Joel Fuhrman, best selling author of Eat To Live and Super Immunity taught her how to follow his plan of using “food for medicine” to heal her body.  Adrienne said she was exhausted all the time, had high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She was a slave to 5 medications that she took everyday and was popping Ibuprofen like it was candy. But within 30 days of practicing Dr. Fuhrman’s program, she lost 26 pounds and despite the fact that she was still just under 300 pounds, she felt amazing! She always thought that it was her weight that was making her sick and feeling so bad but ultimately once she changed what she ate, it changed how she felt, literally within weeks! Dr. Joel Fuhrman appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and explained that by eating the right things you can not only reverse diseases, but you can lose weight without even trying!

Dr. Fuhrman says that when we practice superior nutrition, it works to reverse diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases and will lower your blood pressure.  And you will lose weight without trying because weight and health issues are intertwined like the fibers in a cloth and they both melt away at the same time.  The same foods that are the most powerfully therapeutic and able to cure you, are also the foods that help you lose weight.  They are nutrient dense so they take away your appetite, your food cravings and food addictions.

What is Nutrient Dense?
These are foods that contain micronutrients,  antioxidants and phytochemicals.  Dr. Fuhrman says we know that foods like strawberries and broccoli contain thousands of nutrients in the form of cancer fighting phytochemicals.  Unfortunately, the standard American diet consists of about 88% processed foods and animal products which do not have a significant amount of these disease fighting nutrients.  That is why we, as a nation, are plagued with a laundry list of diseases and ailments such as indigestion, constipation, fatigue, gallstones, hemorrhoids, asleep apnea, depression, dementia, heart attacks and strokes, among a few! But Dr. Furman says the fascinating thing is we can wipe out these diseases with eating the proper food.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Program of Superior Nutrition.
His program of superior nutrition focuses on these nutrient dense foods.  He says these foods have the most anticancer and biochemical effects which inhibit cellular proliferation (Def – grow or multiply by rapidly producing cells, new tissue or parts) and they also inhibit fat storage and fat proliferation.  Dr. Fuhrman says these foods “inhibit fat on our bodies, stop and halt cancer in its tracks!”

On the other hand, Dr. Fuhrman explains that processed foods have a high glycemic effect which promotes insulin and insulin is a fat storage hormone so it will add fat to your body.  Twofold, insulin promotes cancer!

It’s not always Calories In, Calories Out. 1oo calories of processed cookies will not have the same effect on your body as 100 calories of nutrient dense salad greens!

G-BOMBS – Dr. Fuhrman’s Best Nutrient Dense Foods
This is Dr. Fuhrman’s acronym for his Superfoods, G-BOMBS.

  • G – Greens
  • B – Beans
  • O – Onions
  • M – Mushrooms
  • B – Berries
  • S – Seeds

Dr. Fuhrman says if Americans eat these foods on a regular basis we would have a completely healthy population!

On Dr. Fuhrman’s PBS Special, Immunity Solution, he explains G-BOMBS in details and gives his prescription for a “Nutritarian” G-BOMBS diet. 

G-BOMBS vs Medication
Dr. Fuhrman feels that medications give people a false impression that they are taking care of themselves. If a person with high blood pressure takes medication, their blood pressure may lower,  but the process of hardening of the arteries may continue to advance and you will need to take more medication and more medication.

It’s like if your car’s dashboard keeps flashing oil, oil, oil! And your mechanic cuts the wire so you can’t see the oil light flashing anymore.  It really does not solve the problem that you need oil and your car will eventually die.  Medications are like cutting the wire but they are not giving your body the oil that your body needs to heal. GBombs is the oil!

Is it tough eating healthy? Is this really doable? Do you have time to do this?
Dr. Fuhrman’s response is “Isn’t it tough being stuck in a nursing home after a stroke or heart attack or with dementia? And not to mention your pocketbook.  Eating well is putting money in your health bank account.”

Adrienne, who lost 26 months and felt amazing in less than 30 days, shared how she did it.

First, she realized that your health is number one, so nothing is more important than that.  Next, since she has a very demanding job and a very demanding schedule and she does volunteer work and she has a rich social life, so she found time on Sunday nights to cook for the week, a pot of soup or a pot of stew.  She chose Wednesday afternoon, after work to do her midweek “catch up shopping.”  She says ultimately we make time for the things that are important to us and those things we prioritize.

Dr. Fuhrman says we do not have to get sick, we do not have to have disease.  We have the scientific knowledge of how nutrition works to win the war on the health crisis we are facing in this country and we should take advantage of it!

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