Dr. Oz ‘s Take On New Study That Says Fish Oil Does Not Work!

Omega 3 Supplements10-01-2012 The new controversial study by Greek researchers that said fish oil supplements containing omega 3 did not work to prevent stroke, heart attacks, or deaths from cardiac disease, question every recommendation that Dr. Oz has given us about using omega 3 to help us lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation as well as preventing heart disease.  Before we throw out our pills,  Dr. Oz says many experts disagree with these new findings. He invited Dr. Tanya Edwards, Medical Director, Center for Integrative Medicine at Cleveland Clinic to help explain.

Dr. Edwards has been studying omega 3 fatty acids for over 10 years and she says that the medical community knows that omega 3 fatty acids are very important for every cell in our body.  She believes there might have been a few factors that may have contributed the controversial statements.

  • This particular study involved consumption of the omega 3 in small dosages whereas she recommends larger doses to reap the benefits.
  • She also feels that our use of statins, cholesterol lowering drugs, over the last 20 years, may have influenced how the data used in the study was represented.
  • The study found that fish oil supplements showed a decrease in risk of dying from cardiac disease by some 9%. That is a huge positive benefit for such a blanket negative statement to be released.

Dr. Edwards said these nutrients are essential because our bodies cannot manufacture them and studies have shown omega-3’s are needed for brain health and memory, helps with mental disorders like depression and anxiety, bipolar conditions and mood disorders, helps improve skin health and conditions like eczema, reduces risk of developing macular degeneration and helps with other eye conditions.

Because omega 3 fatty acids are not abundant in today’s food sources, Dr. Edward will continue recommending in her practice that people take omega-3 supplements daily and regularly.

The only concern she has regarding patients that maybe should beware of taking omega-3 supplements are those who may have a fish allergy and those where blood thinning may be an issue.  In those situations Dr. Edward suggests that you see your physician.

In selecting a good fish oil supplement, Dr. Edwards said be aware of impurities such as mercury. She suggests visiting ConsumerLab.com to help us choose a quality fish oil that is free of impurities.

Dr. Oz says choose a dark or opaque bottle when purchasing your supplement. Store the supplement in the refrigerator because fish oil can become rancid.

Dr. Oz recommends reading the label to make sure it contains at least   600 mg of the DHA type omega 3. He feels consumption of this type give the best health benefits.

We at ANewDayANewMe.com, have found it hard to find a brand that provides that amount of DHA in one capsule. You may have to take multiple capsules. One option below contains a vegetarian source of DHA purchased at Vitacost.com,  a discount vitamin seller.

Brand DHA-1 capsule EPA-1 capsule
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Learn more about Omega 3 fatty acids with Dr. Oz’s guest physician, Dr. Mark Hyman.


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