Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Diet Does Work!

Weight Watchers Does WorkU.S. News & World Report just released their “Best Diets” list and in the category of “Best Weight Loss Diets” they gave Weight Watchers the number one spot!  The Dr. Oz Show proved that very point on his show today.  About three months ago Dr. Oz introduced us to Susan and Pete, a couple who, after eight years of marriage, had gained 40 pounds.  They said they have tried several diets in the past but never was successful in sticking to one.  Dr. Oz’s “Truth Tube” numbers showed they were at risk for weight related health problems, so Dr. Oz teamed them up with Weighter Watcher’s Leader, Liz Josefsberg, who gave them tips and the support they needed to see the Weight Watcher’ s Points Plus plan through.  Three months later they are back on The Dr. Oz Show with their results.

Body Fat BMI Weight
Susan Before 41% 29 166 lbs
Susan After 37% 26 148
Total Lost 18 lbs!
Pete Before 33% 35 219 lbs
Pete After 28% 29 186
Total Lost 33 lbs!

Both Susan and Pete felt that the whole experience transformed their lives. They both felt that the program was very easy, flexible and “livable”.  Both have noticed in each other how much more energy they have. They liked the weekly Weight Watchers meetings and the support they got from others who are also going through the “Battle of the Bulge!”

Susan felt that it was truly a lifestyle change and not a diet. The experience taught her to have a more positive attitude and changed how she views herself.  She gained a lot of confidence in managing her meals by using Weight Watchers Online Tracker to plan meals in advance and keep track of the daily points.

Pete loved the fact that he did not have to give up his favorite foods like pizza.  He just needed to learn portion control and keep within the daily point allowance.

Susan said Liz gave her a tip that turned out to make a huge difference their lives. Monday mornings before she’s off and running, she puts a weeks amount of chicken in a large slow cooker, with some low sodium chicken broth and taco seasonings. And in a few hours, she has some very tender chicken that she uses all week in a variety of dishes. She uses the chicken on her salads, adds veggies to make a quick chicken soup, and makes chicken wraps with some tomato salsa and a litte cheese. She says this meal planning strategy has freed her up to have more time with her daughter for recreation and family time.

Liz Josefsberg,  their Weight Watchers Leader, said they were so successful because of the following reasons:

  • They did the plan together as a couple
  • They were very committed
  • They took in all of the things that the plan had to offer
  • They used the Weight Watchers support
  • They incorporated activity into their life
  • They used the food plan
  • They changed their behavior around food

Congratulations Susan and Pete!

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