Dr. Wayne Dyer: Anita Moorjani. Cancer Survivor. Dying To Be Me. Her Near Death Story.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, spiritual teacher and best selling author enlightens us with insights of our connection to our spiritial source in his PBS special Wishes Fullfilled. He tells us how those spiritual connections can bring into your life spritual people such as John Of God from Brazil and profound spiritual experiences that can save our lives and change them forever .  During this program we are introduced to Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me. She shares her compelling story of how she was in a comatose state for 30 hours, in her last hours of life with end-stage cancer. She tells us what she saw on the other side while in that coma, what she learned, and what she bought back to teach us.

Dr. Dyer tells us that on the second of February 2006 Anita was wheeled into a hospital in Hong Kong.  She had been sick for five years.  She was down to 88 pounds.  Her organs had all shutdown.  Her family was gathered at the emergency room.  The doctors had told her family that these were her last hours.

Anita says she was actually aware of everything that was going on around her.  She said she still gets emotional when she thinks of being in that state.  It was five years ago but she still remembers it as if it was yesterday.

She was aware of everything the doctors were doing. She was aware of her husband by her side whispering in her ear, her mother crying because the doctors had told them that she only had a few more hours to live.  She wanted to assure them that she was feeling fine, that she was feeling great but she couldn’t.  She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t communicate with them.  Each time she felt like she was getting involved in the drama at the same time it was as though she was being pulled away.

It was as though her energy or her awareness or consciousness was just expanding and expanding and getting bigger and bigger.  It felt as though she could feel what everybody else was feeling.  She could feel what her husband was feeling, what her mother was feeling and the doctors were feeling as they were running around trying to save her life.

And then she became aware of what she can only describe as unconditional love.  It was as though she was surrounded or embraced by this unconditional love.  And when she says unconditional she means really unconditional, like she didn’t have to do anything, to prove herself or to be anything. She was loved unconditionally.  Even things that she could have perceived to have done wrong in her life, she wasn’t being judged.  There was only compassion and she understood in that state why she did the things she did in her life.  She understood that everything she did was out of the limitations of being in the physical body.

She became aware of the presence of her father who had passed away 10 years before and she became aware of her best friend who passed away 2 years before and of whom she has missed desperately because she was like a sister.

Looking at your body, she was given a choice as to whether she wanted to come back or not. At first she did not want to come back because her body was so sick and there was so much unconditional love on the other side.  It was very very hard for her leave that side. So if anybody has lost any one she can understand why they would stay there.

But she seemed to understand that it wasn’t her time.  That she had mission, a purpose that she had not yet fulfilled.  She also seemed to understand in order to fulfill her purpose, she would not have to really go and figure it out.  That she would not have to pursue anything.  She understood that she just needed to go back and live fearlessly and just not be afraid to be herself.

She also says she understood that her husband and her still had a purpose to fulfill.  She says she realizes that her husband is truly her soulmate because he was there the whole time holding her hand and talking in her ear, and talking her all the way through.  She was aware of that.

Dr. Dyer asked if she thought that one of the lessons she had learned was to be a positive person.

She said “No.” She learned that being positive was not enough.  She had always been a people pleaser.  She always tried to stay positive because she never wanted to bother or trouble anyone.  But she learned that more important than being positive is being yourself.  She learned that’s actually the most important thing.  Because that is why we are here.  We are all facets of one.  Without her body she felt that she was connected to everyone and everything.

She said she used to live a life of fear.  Fear of not being good enough, fear of illness, fear of not meeting other people’s expectations.

But her near-death experience taught her there is nothing to fear.  In fact when she was given the choice of whether to come back or not, it was her father and her best friend who actually said “Now that you know who you truly are, go back and live your life fearlessly!”  And she has been doing that.

During intermission, Dr. Dyer revealed that Anita was diagnosed with an end-stage cancer and since she has left the hospital she has been living a cancer free and healthy life.   He said within four or five days the tumors in her body was reduced by 70%,  and within four weeks she was completely cancer free.  The doctors were trying to do biopsies and it could not even find a place to do a biopsy.

To hear more of Anita Moorjani’s remarkable story and see Dr. Wayne Dyer’s special program “Wishes Fulfilled” in it’s entirety, contact your local Public Broadcasting Station.  The PBS Special also offers Donor Supporter Packages of books, DVDs and CDs containing exclusive bonus material related to his broadcast and teachings.

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