Dr. Wayne Dyer: Five Wishes Fulfilled Foundations to Attract Health, Wealth and Love Into Your Life

Dr Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled Spiritual teacher and best selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer says we all have the power to bring health, wealth, and love into our lives.  In his PBS Special Wishes Fulfilled, Dr. Dyer puts all his studies in the works of Neville, the “I AM” Discourses, and great spiritual teachers around the world, in 5 steps he calls ‘Wishes Fulfilled Foundations’ to help us attract our desires into our world and to become the type of person we expect to be….“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life that he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”… Henry David Thoreau

Dr. Dyer points out we must remember, “If you would like to accomplish something you must first expect it of yourself.  You must see yourself and be unafraid to say to yourself  ‘I am connected always and at all times to My Source.  To The Divine Mind.  To God.  That which is The Creator Of All.  I am a part of it.’”


  • FOUNDATION ONE – Imagination.  Many great thinkers have spoken about the power of imagination. William Bligh said “what is now proved, was once only imagined.” Einstein said “imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” If you want something to show up in your life, manifest something new into your life, be the kind of person you would like to become, you must first be able to imagine it. Independent of what anyone else says about it, independent of what your senses tell you, independent of all the evidence that may be to the contrary, you can place into your imagination an “I AM” that represents what you would like to attract into your life and make it come into fruition. “I am strong”, “I am healthy”, “I am kind”, “I am prosperous”, “I am getting the job I want.” Never let other people’s ideas about what is possible or what is not possible to occupy your imagination. Your imagination is yours! Remember, “With God, all things are possible.”
  • FOUNDATION TWO – Living from the End.  Romans 4:17 “in the presence of Him, whom he believed God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did.” Dr. Dyer says ‘living from the end’ means that you call the things that do not exist as if they did. The “I AM’s that you put in your imagination, you have to treat them as if they exist. From Neville..”Disregard appearances, conditions, in fact all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfillment of your desire. Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for in that determined assumption you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being (God) all things are possible. God never fails.”
  • FOUNDATION THREE – Assume The Feeling Of The Wish Fulfilled.  Dr. Dyer offers this explanation from Neville…”that which you feel yourself to be, you are. And you are given that which you are. So assume the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of your wish. And your wish must be realized. So live in the feeling of being the one you want to be and that you shall be. Every feeling makes a subconscious impression and unless it is counter acted by a more powerful feeling of an opposite nature, it must be expressed. Your feelings are different from your thoughts. Your feelings are what you experienced in your body. The dominate of two feelings is the one expressed. “I am healthy” is a stronger feeling then “I will be healthy”. Dr. Dyer says assuming the feeling of your wish as if it has already been filled is not just something you say. It is not an affirmation. An affirmation is an intellectual exercise. What you are feeling is a spiritual knowing from within that “I am well” that “I am content” that “I am prosperous.”
    Every feeling that you have makes a subconscious impression upon your body and upon your awareness.
    Your subconscious mind rules your life. 96 to 97% of everything that you do is done as a result of your subconscious mind. And when your subconscious mind gets programmed it goes ahead and responds to whatever your conscious mind has placed into it. But Dr. Dyer warns if you keep telling yourself “I can’t do that”, “I can’t make things happen”, “I am not ever going to lose weight”, you are programming your subconscious mind with this awareness to respond to.
    So practice putting into your subconscious mind the practice of assuming the feeling of what it is you would like to attract into your life as if it already existed. Feel it , not just think it!
  • FOUNDATION FOUR -Attention. Your imagination is able to do all that you asked in proportion to the degree of your attention. So what kind of attention do you place on your desires? Dr. Dyer says according to Neville there are two kinds of attentions.
    Objective (facts, concrete and solid objects ) and Subjective (subject to feelings and emotions).
    We want to use Subjective Attention. Why Subjective? Because what we place in our Imagination does not have to be based on concrete, solid facts. Because what we place in our imagination is anything that we want to “call that which does not exist as if it did.” Because what we place in our imagination is whatever we want to wish for and to live and feel as if our wish is already fullfilled. Dr. Dyer says with objective attention, you become the objectified result of other people telling you what you can do and what you can’t do, what’s possible and what’s not possible. Take Dr. Dyer’s suggestion and put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your imagination. Do not allow anyone else’s opinions, do not allow what it says on the Internet, do not allow the cost, or the difficulty to distract your attention from the burning desires you place in your imagination. “
  • FOUNDATION FIVE -Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  Dr. Dyer calls the last five minutes of your day very important. Why so important? He offers this explantion from Job 33:15-16…”In a dream, in a vision of the night. When deep sleep falls upon men while slumbering in their beds, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction.”… Now Dr. Dyer asks “…how do you want to prepare yourself for having your instructions sealed?”
    Most people use their last five minutes of the day as they are about to go to sleep reviewing all the things that they don’t like. And all the things that didn’t work and all the people that hurt their feelings. And all the stuff that is going on in their life that they wish were not happening. This is their worry time. Then you go to sleep and “He opens your ears and seals your instructions” while you are slumbering.
    What you want to do is reverse this practice because your subconscious mind is listening to how you are asking the universe to provide for you what it is that you would like to attract or manifest into your life. Here you are suggesting to your subconscious mind all the things “you don’t want”, “you don’t like”, “that make you unhappy.” You want to shift from that way of thinking and use the last five minutes of your day to program your subconscious mind with what you have placed in your imagination with your “I am’s”, “I am well”, “I am happy”, “I am prosperous.” etc. You don’t want your instructions sealed with everything that you don’t like, that makes you depressed, that makes you unhappy.

Dr. Dyer points out that there are two things that will interfere with attracting a desire into your life.

  1. It must feel natural to you. You have to be able to say to yourself ” Even if I don’t know how to do it, even if I have no experience, even if everyone has told me I can’t do it, my wish fulfilled feels natural to me!”
  2. You cannot have any thoughts of condemnation, criticism, or judgment towards any of God’s children. We are all just doing what we know how to do and you cannot ask anymore of anyone. As long as you are having these thoughts of condemnation, criticism, or judgment, you are throttling the great “I AM” presence within you, that is God. Read more about the “I AM” Presence Within You.

To see Dr. Wayne Dyer’s  special program “Wishes Fulfilled” in it’s entirety, contact your local Public Broadcasting Station.  The PBS Special also offers Donor Supporter Packages of books, DVDs and CDs containing exclusive bonus material related to his broadcast and teachings.

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