Dr. Wayne Dyer: “I AM” Has The Power To Make Our Dreams Come True.

Dr. Dyer - The Power Of "I AM"“What if you slepted and what if in your sleep you dreamed.  And what if you dreamed you went to heaven.  And there picked a strange and wonderful flower.  And what if when you awoke you held the flower in your hand.  Ah, what then?”…Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Do you believe that it’s possible to bring something from the world of the formless, from the world of a dream, to the world of the physical?  Dr. Wayne Dyer, spiritual teacher and best selling author, asks that question in his PBS Special Wishes Fulfilled. He shares spiritual lessons and insights that will open our minds to a higher way of thinking, that will empower us to transform our life from ordinary to extraordinary.

He said most of us are raised to become ordinary.  You pay your taxes, you do what your parents tell you, you are honorable and honest, you are a good citizen.  But Dr. Dyer says we can go way beyond ordinary. All of us are extraordinary.  We just have to come to believe it!  We go through our life with limitations that we have placed upon ourselves, that have been handed to us since we were children. But to get to extraordinary, you have to consult the invisible place within yourself.  And this is called your soul.

Dr. Dyer refers to a great Bulgarian teacher, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov who says of the soul, “The ideal of the soul is infinity. It is miserable when it is circumscribed and restricted. It is a fragment of the universal soul. Which is infinite.”  Dr. Dyer says the soul is the part of us that is extraordinary.  The part of us that came into this world and knows “I can be anything.  I can do anything.  I can accomplish anything that I’ve placed my attention on.”

But Dyer adds “if you would like to accomplish something you must first expect it of yourself.”

That means changing around the expectations that we have been conditioned to believe is our dharma or destiny.  We can no longer think “I am limited, I am not entitled to prosperity, I am unable to deal with my physical ailments.”

Which brings us to the words “I AM”.  Dr. Dyer says we must be very conscious of how we use the words “I AM”.  Where did they come from?  What do they mean?  He tells us the story of Moses, from when he was adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter to the meeting with God in the “Burning Bush” and Moses’s conversation about bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt.

And Moses says to God “Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel and I say to them ‘The God of your father has sent me to you.’ and they say to me ‘What is his name?’ what shall I say to them?”

And God says to Moses “I AM that I AM” and he said thus “You shall say to the children of Israel ‘I AM has sent me to you.  This is my name for ever and this is my memorial to all generations.'”

Dr. Dyer says that now every single time you use the words “I AM” you are citing the name of God!  Right from the holiest books.  And every time you say the words “I am weak, I am poor, I am unlucky, I am unhappy, I am sick, I am unable to attract in my life what I want, you are desecrating the name God.

Dr. Dyer points out that God did not say “I will be”, “My name is I Hope Things Work Out Well”, “My name is Maybe Things That I Want Will Show Up But Possibly Not!”  He said “I AM that I AM”

Dr. Dyer has studied from the great teachings called The “I AM” Discourses and shared this statement…”the student (you, me, all of us)…must stand guard more strictly over his thoughts…for every time you say ‘I am not, I cannot, I have not’ you are, whether knowingly or unknowingly throttling that great presence within you.”

As further proof of the power within us, Dr. Dyer refered again to the Bible. In the new testament, Jesus is about to be stoned.  And Jesus says “why would you stone me?”  And they said “it is because you blasphemed.  You are a man and you claimed to be God” and Jesus responds in his words “is it not written in your laws that I have said “You are Gods.  All of you.”

We are all God’s.  Not the God that so often we are taught that is outside of us. We are the God that is love.

“God is love and and he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in Me and I in him.”

Recognizing your own divinity, “I am God” is not blasphemy, it is your identity.  And if we are God than one of the greatest lines from the New Testament applies to us. “With God, all things are possible.”

How can we use this power to enhance our life?  Dr. Dyer gives us Five Wishes Fulfilled Foundations to manifest our deepest desires while living from our highest self.

To see Dr. Wayne Dyer’s  special program “Wishes Fulfilled” in it’s entirety, contact your local Public Broadcasting Station.  The PBS Special also offers Donor Supporter Packages of books, DVDs and CDs containing exclusive bonus material related to his broadcast and teachings.

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  1. I have been a student of Dr. Wayne Dyer for over 20 years and so appreciate his work now more than ever. This is the kind of education that is needed in our school systems to educate our children on WHO they are and how to Be in the world. Dr. Dyer is truly a beacon of light and a great spiritual leader. I have used so much of his work in training leaders and am so grateful for his service to the world. Thank you Dr. Dyer.

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