Dr. Youn: The Age Fix – The Best Anti-Aging Cream to Buy. What Creams DON’T Work!

Dr. Youn - The Age FixDr. Anthony Youn,  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and one of the country’s foremost experts on anti-aging  promised in his PBS special The Age Fix, to be “our friend” and share some insider tips that will save us money and costly surgeries in our efforts to look younger.  One biggie is his promise to reveal the “best  anti-aging cream” on the market! According to Dr. Youn, this  cream can not only tighten skin but can reduce fine lines, lighten age spots, exfoliate the skin, act as an anti-inflammatory, thicken skin that has become thin, and reverse early preskin cancer! Retinoid cream!Dr. Youn explains that retinoids are various types of vitamin A.  The prescription strength retinoid, tretinoin (Retin-A), is the most effective version of retinoid.
However, there is a weaker more affordable, over the counter version called retinol which has very similar anti-aging effects!

You will need to ask your dermatologist or plastic surgeon if the prescription strength, tretinoin (Retin-A) is right for you. Retinoids may not be right for everyone because they can produce profound flaking, drying, and irritation, even though the symptoms can be resolved in about 6 to 8 weeks.
Try This Alternative:
The over the counter, weaker version, retinol has very similar anti-aging benefits.
There are many serums and creams that you can find at your drugstore that contain retinol which are affordable.
Dr. Youn suggests that we all make a retinol-based cream as a cornerstone for our antiaging skin care regimen.
Start applying a retinol cream two to three times a week, in the evening after you have cleansed and exfoliated. As you tolerate the cream increase the application up to every night.
Don’t bother applying it in the morning because the sun will deactivate it.
However if you are pregnant you want to avoid retinol products.

Why Collagen Creams DO NOT WORK
Dr. Youn explains that the reason why collagen creams do not work is because the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the surface of the skin. So the cream does not replenish the collagen in our skin. The cream basically just sits on the surface of the skin.
Try this Alternative:
An alternative for those high-end collagen creams are creams that contain dimethicone which you can find at your local drugstore for under $20. Dimethicone is a powerful moisturizer that lies on the skin surface and fills in fine wrinkles by re-hydrating and plumping up the skin causing the skin to look smoother and a more even complexion. Keep in mind that it is a temporary solution.

Why Hemorrhoid Ointments DO NOT WORK  for under eye puffiness.
The ingredient that caused the puffiness to go away has been removed from the hemorrhoid ointments years ago!
Try this Alternative:
To reduce under eye puffiness look for under eye creams at your local drugstore or online that contain serum albumin. Serum albumin basically acts like a shrink wrap for under eye puffiness causing the skin to tighten and the puffiness to diminish. The product goes on as a liquid and as it dries it tightens up the skin. Typically the results last several hours so they are great to use before an event such as a party, wedding or a reunion.

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