Ellen: 18th On The Most Trusted Top 100 Celebrities by Readers Digest

EllenEllen announced on her TV talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she came in 18th! on the recent Reader’s Digest Trust Poll.  She comically commented on Michelle Obama coming in at 19th and that’s because she feels Michelle Obama cheated on their push-ups contest they had on her show! But who else made the list? Here’s a quick list of  Reader’s Digest Trust Poll: The 100 Most Trusted People in America.

1 Tom Hanks, actor
2 Sandra Bullock, actor
3 Denzel Washington, actor
4 Meryl Streep, actor
5 Maya Angelou, American studies professor
6 Steven Spielberg, director
7 Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder
8 Alex Trebek, host, Jeopardy!
9 Melinda Gates, co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
10 Julia Roberts, actor
11 Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD, Nobel Prize–winning chemist
12 Robin Roberts, host, Good Morning America
13 Clint Eastwood, director
14 Brian K. Kobilka, MD, Nobel Prize–winning chemist
15 Lloyd Shapley, Nobel Prize–winning economist
16 Mehmet Oz, MD, host, The Dr. Oz Show
17 Sanjay Gupta, MD, host, Sanjay Gupta, MD
18 Ellen DeGeneres host, The Ellen DeGeneres Show
19 Michelle Obama, First Lady
20 Noam Chomsky, linguistics professor, MIT
21 Tony Dungy football coach, retired
22 Regina Benjamin, MD, U.S. surgeon general
23 Madeleine K. Albright, diplomacy professor, Georgetown
24 Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President
25 Diane Sawyer, anchor, ABC World News
26 Travis Stork, MD cohost, The Doctors
27 Peyton Manning, quarterback, Denver Broncos
28 Judith Sheindlin, host, Judge Judy
29 Brian Williams, host, NBC Nightly News
30 Nancy Snyderman, MD, correspondent, Today
31 Rachael Ray, host, Rachael Ray Show
32 Colin Powell, former secretary of state
33 Nancy Brinker, founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer org
34 Barbara Walters, cohost, The View
35 Johnny Depp, actor
36 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court justice
37 Katie Couric, host, Katie
38 Alvin E. Roth, Nobel Prize–winning economist
39 Joe Brown, host, Judge Joe Brown
40 Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback
41 Muhammad Ali, world champion boxer
42 George Lucas, director
43 Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court justice
44 John G. Roberts, Jr., Supreme Court justice
45 Ben Affleck, director
46 Whoopi Goldberg, cohost, The View
47 Richard Besser, MD, correspondent, Good Morning America
48 Rabbi Arthur Schneier, recipient, Presidential Citizens Medal
49 Anthony M. Kennedy, Supreme Court justice
50 Anderson Cooper, host, CNN
51 Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state
52 Henry Louis Gates, Jr., director, Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute
53 Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court justice
54 Dwayne Johnson, actor
55 Phil Mickelson, professional golfer
56 Christiane Amanpour, journalist, CNN
57 George Stephanopoulos, cohost, Good Morning America
58 Eli Manning, quarterback, New York Giants
59 Oprah Winfrey, founder, OWN Network
60 Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Supreme Court justice
61 Drew Gilpin Faust, president, Harvard University
62 Elena Kagan, Supreme Court justice
63 Scott Pelley, anchor, CBS Evening News
64 Adam Sandler, comedian
65 Barack Obama, President of the United States
66 Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice
67 Billy Graham, evangelical minister
68 Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state
69 Pat Sajak, host, Wheel of Fortune
70 Christiane Northrup, MD, author, The Wisdom of Menopause
71 Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
72 Steve Harvey, host, Steve Harvey Show
73 Kelly Ripa, cohost, Live with Kelly & Michael
74 Halle Berry, actor
75 Andrew Weil, MD, author, Spontaneous Healing
76 Francis Ford Coppola, director
77 Ben Stiller, actor
78 Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon
79 Tim Burton, director
80 Leonardo DiCaprio, actor
81 Ron Clark, founder, The Ron Clark Academy
82 Susan Love, MD, author, Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book
83 Michael Pollan, journalism professor, UC Berkeley
84 Cameron Diaz, actor
85 Savannah Guthrie, cohost, TODAY
86 Alex Gorsky, CEO, Johnson & Johnson
87 Matt Lauer, cohost, TODAY
88 Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice
89 Tina Fey, comedian
90 David Drew Pinsky, MD, host, Dr. Drew on Call
91 Michael Strahan, cohost, Live with Kelly & Michael
92 Deepak Chopra, MD, alternative medicine practitioner
93 Ken Powell, CEO, General Mills
94 Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft
95 Walter Mossberg, tech columnist, Wall Street Journal
96 Phil McGraw, host, Dr. Phil
97 Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Media
98 Maureen Dowd, columnist, New York Times
99 Paul Krugman, columnist, New York Times
100 Shepard Smith, anchor, The Fox Report

To learn more about these trusted Americans and what they have to say, here is the Reader’s Digest article.

Reader’s Digest Trust Poll: The 100 Most Trusted People in America


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