Ford vs Toyota. Which One Creates More American Jobs?

Do American Brand Cars Create More American JobsThat’s the question ABC’s David Muir and Sharyn Alfonsi set out to answer in their report that aired on ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyeras part of their “Made in America” series.  They reported in the early 1960s 94% of all cars sold America were American brands.  Today only 45% of cars sold in America are American.  One auto industry job creates nine others jobs in United States, because that autoworker buys groceries, clothes, goes to the doctors, sends his kids to school etc..So wanting to keep jobs in America, does buying an American Brand car like Ford create more American jobs than a Foreign Brand car made in this country like Toyota?

Sharon and David visited an all American family with Mom, Dad and two kids, that was setting out to buy a new car. Their 10 year old plus Ford Explorer with 111,450 miles was pretty much on it’s last leg. They narrowed their choices between two cars, a Toyota Camry, top selling family sedan in America for 13 of the last 14 years and a Ford Escape, with sales up 21% in the last year and considered the most comfortable compact SUV in America.

While the family was test driving their favorites choices, the ABC’s News correspondents Sharon and David gathered information from the Kansas City Ford Assembly Plant in Missouri and the Toyota plant in Kentucky. Some of what they found was the following:

The Ford Escape parts…..
Door was made in Chicago
Door panel was made in Illinois
Carpet was made in Ohio
Seats were made in Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Back Window was made in Mexico
The Toyota Camry parts…..
Seats were made in Kentucky
Tires were made in South Carolina
Seat belts were made in Canada
Radio parts were made in Mexico

David Muir said that advises to use the following formula if you want to know how many American jobs are created from the car you may be considering purchasing.

  • Are the cars assembled here in America?
    The Toyota plant says yes.  It takes more than 6000 American workers to build that Camry.
    The Ford plant says yes.  It took 2250 workers to build that Ford Escape.
  • How much of the car contains American parts?
    Toyota Camry – 80%.
    The Ford Escape – 65%
    Tip! – It is required on new cars to reveal the percentage of foreign parts and American parts in the car. Look for a sticker that gives this information.
  • How many cars were sold in a given year?
    Toyota Camry – 328,000 cars sold last year.
    The Ford Escape – 200,000 cars sold last year.

So using that formula, the car that created the most American jobs would be the Toyota Camry.

But before you make your final decision you must also consider where are the research and developments teams and the management based?  According to the ABC News, suddenly the two cars are now neck and neck.

And further proof of that fact is in the assembly line.  Ford is hiring 4000 manufacturing workers this year.
Toyota announced plans to hire 2000 new workers this year.

Our family ended up picking the Ford Escape, a new version of the car that they have been driving and trusting for the past 10 years!

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