Kate Is Not A Princess?

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Kate and William - The Royal WeddingApr 29, 2011 – Following NBC’s Today Show coverage of Kate and William’s much anticipated wedding, it was surprising when Matt Lauer reported that just that very morning the Queen conferred William’s and Kate’s titles.

William will be…Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, The Earl of Strathearn, The Baron of Carrickfergus.

Kate will be…Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Lady of Carrickfergus.
It seems Waity Katy, as they call her in England, will have to wait until the Prince of Wales becomes King! But that announcement didn’t seem to put a damper on things. Kate looked radiant!

Kate - Her Royal Highness The Today Show coverage showed her, smiling, relaxed and she looked like she was born to be a beautiful Princess.

Kate and PippaHer sister Pippa was equally beautiful.  It was finally revealed that Kate and Pippa’s gowns were both designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Truly an impressive sign of what type of princess Kate is going to be as she foregoes tradition and shares her spotlight with all those in her wedding party. It was stunning to see the Bride, her Maid of Honor and the Little Bridesmaids all in white with just that pop of red from the Pageboys.

Kate's Bridal Party

Elton John at Kate and Williams' WeddingMeredith Vieira reported how the weather was just gorgeous all week during the final preparations and in spite of warnings of showers, dry weather blessed the ceremony while all of London showed up including Sir Elton John and David and Victoria Beckham.  The Today Show reported that Victoria was pregnant and David and Victoria Beckham at Kate and William's Weddingdesigned her own dress.

Matt explained that because William is not heir to the throne (he is second in line) this is not considered a state occasion.  Therefore the only heads of state that need to be invited according to protocol are Commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and about 50 Queen of England at Kate and William's Weddingmore.  Heads of state like President Obama and even former English Prime Ministers do not automatically get invitations. But of course The Queen of England was there being William’s grandmother and all! She seemed very happy with William’s choice.

Harry and William at the Royal WeddingWilliam also broke with tradition by having Harry as his best man.  Usually royal weddings appoint a “supporter”.  Also The Today Show reported that the night before the wedding William and Harry went out and surprised the crowds camping out in the Mall waiting for the wedding. They shook hands and chatted up the crowd! They said Harry constantly teases William that he has more hair than William!

These four new brothers and sisters look like they will have lots of fun partying together, like the rest England will be doing. Matt Lauer said that they expect some two million people to take part in some 5,500 street parties.

Kate and Pippa, William and Harry

All of London Waiting for Willam and Kate's Kiss.

Here are some of the two million at Buckingham Palace waiting for the new Royal Couple’s traditional Kiss On The Balcony.

The Today Show commented that William doesn’t like Public Displays of Affection(PDAs) so it was in question if there was even going to be a kiss. But they ended up giving everyone two kisses!

Kate and William's Kiss as The New Royal Couple

William and Kate's  Aston Martin escapeThroughly modern Kate and William pulled a surprise of their own, by showing up in a purple Aston Martin and ending the  ceremony in the traditional way all of us Commoners are familiar with!  Well, sorta’!
Kate and William Just Got Married!Anyway, as NBC’s Today Show’s Natalie Morales put it “This is a real life Fairy Tale in every sense of the word!”
The Whole World Loves You and Wishes You The Best!

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