More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Why?

Today Show answers why more men have plastic surgery?NBC’s Today Show featured that very topic on a recent broadcast and Carl Quintanilla, award winning co-anchor and news correspondent while substituting for Today Show ‘s Matt Lauer, tried to help us answer the question.
With the help of guest psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Weiner and ad guru Donny Deutsch of Deutsch Inc. Ad Agency, they revealed some insights that may help you decide if having a cosmetic procedure is right for you.

Carl started the interview off by making the point that for years there has been the term used “distinguished gray” as a compliment, so why now are guys suddenly thinking “I’ve got to do something about this”.

During the course of the interview, Carl revealed the list of top procedures:
Botox injections more than 330,000
nose reshaping
eyelid surgery
breast reduction
hair transplants
facelifts for men rose 14% from 2009
Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2010

Dr. Weiner shared this insight.
“I think people realize that the way we look have an impact on the way people treat you.  I think that this society values beauty and there are benefits that come with looking good.  Studies have shown that people who are more attractive are viewed as smarter, more sociable, more likable, more likely to get a job and ultimately more likely to make more money and there has been ties to increased happiness.”

Carl suggested the statistics show that at least to some degree men are becoming as body-conscious as women. So,  is there still a social stigma associated with men having cosmetic procedures?

Donny Deutsch had some definite opinions in that area.
Donnie agrees that looks do matter in our society, it’s not fair but it is.  He said ” As someone who has hired thousands of people you certainly hire on a meritocracy, on performance. But clearly someone’s overall attitude and vitality matter. But having said that, if I was interviewing a guy and it looked like he had work done, I would have to question “what’s going on here?” “Is there an insecurity here?” I am contradicting myself because like I said, women can look like they have had work done, no problem. So there is a difference between…I would hire somebody that had wrinkles on their face and acted vital versus someone who had [he gestured of an obvious too tight facelift] but was not acting vital.”

But it seems Donny Deutsch has some obvious personal issues regarding plastic surgery for men. He said he wants to make it clear that he is not criticizing…whatever works for you.
But he also said that once he had lost weight and someone asked him if he had work done and the comment made his skin crawl!  He said he would never want to be seen as someone who had work done.  He thinks that there is a double standard for men.  That most men publicly would have an issue coming out and saying he had a procedure done.

Dr. Weiner commented “right now men still perceive it as a stigma, sort of viewed as not macho, sort of something reserved mostly for women.  But I do see a generational shift and I would not be surprised if 10, 15, 20 years from now men will be much more comfortable talking about it.”

Donnie says, “yes, you even see skincare on television, you’ll see “Dove For Men”, you never would have seen that years ago.  So we’re seeing that evolution but I think the big picture and I think I’m going to put men and women together, that why in this society we celebrate this look [he gestured of an obvious too tight facelift] and why that’s better than some wrinkles.  I want to know who sold that idea to men and women, I don’t get it!”

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