Oprah: 20 Ladies Go For 20 Years Younger and 27 Pounds Lighter in 60 Days

Oprah - 20 Ladies Take The 20 Year Younger ChallengeAs only Oprah does best, she gave 20 of what she called her “Ultimate Viewers” an experience of a life time and a chance to look 20 years younger and pounds lighter, 10, 19, and even 27 pounds of weight loss!
But it wasn’t going to be easy. These ladies were challenged by Oprah’s long time friend and Best Life Coach Bob Greene to participate in his diet and nutrition plan rolled out in his new book 20 Years Younger. 

All of the women had to pledge to follow the plan faithfully for 60 days and follow the instructions given by Bob and his “Dream Team” of doctors and experts for each of the plan’s Four Pillars.

But for Oprah’s “Ultimate Viewers” the challenge came with a few perks. To startkick the challenge, Oprah flew them out to Pasadena, California for a couple of days of training on the Four Pillars of Bob’s Plan:
Skin care

Then at the 30 day half-way mark, they were flown out to Beverly Hills for a follow-up booster. And a couple days before the 60 day reveal, they got the Princess treatment makeover with new do’s, makeup, designer outfits, Jimmy Choos and the likes. They each even got new Tempur-Pedic mattresses to make sure they get the perfect health renewing sleep…

Oprah said she does shows like this to inspire us because if these women can do it, each one of us can do it too.

These ladies are just like you and me, our sisters and mothers, our friends and neighbors, our co-workers and hairdressers. Some have let themselves go because of hectic busy lives, financial stress and some dealing with grieve and loss.
But Oprah said this is what the show is about.  It’s never too late to turn things around!

Here are Oprah’s 20 Ultimate Viewers and their weight loss after 60 Days!

Oprah - Angie DAngie D, 42 – “I don’t shop anymore. It’s so defeating to walk in and you want to look good in something but you look in the mirror and uh-uh…no”  Lost 19 Pounds

Oprah Angel Angel, 44 – “I was always behind the scenes, the biggest cheerleader for everyone else and did not put in enough time for me. ”  Lost 19 pounds. Off Her Blood Pressure and Heart pills!

Oprah- Angie35Angie J, 35 – “I have just kind of lost my umph!  I don’t like to get dressed at all during the day.  And even keeping up with my kid’s I’ve lost pizzazz.” Lost 14 pounds

Ann, 50.  “I have been smoking since I was 20 years old. I have an aunt who has smoked all her life and recently I saw her and she had an oxygen tank.  And I said I am not doing that.  I’m running out of second chances.  I’m 50 years old.  If I don’t do it now I am never going to do it.” Lost 8 pounds

Oprah - Cindy BCindy B, 51 – “I’m a wife, I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother, I’m a busy person at work. This landed in my lap at the right time. How good can it get to have Bob Greene helping you.  How can you not take this opportunity and make the best of it?” Lost 6 Pounds

Oprah - Cindy HCindy H, 52 – “I went from a size 2/4 to a size 12 .  I look in the mirror and I don’t see myself anymore.  I see a frumpy old lady looking back at me.” Lost 7 pounds 

Oprah - Debbie Lost 27 Pounds in 2 Months!Debbie, 55 – “I’ve taken a lot of time to find clothing that hides those lumps and bumps. You get the big earrings, you get the big jewelry. I don’t know if somehow that makes you feel you’re not as heavy”  Lost 27 pounds and 13 inches! She said she did about 1500 calories but worked out twice a day.

Oprah - DarleneDarlene, 41 – “My daughter Hope was killed by a driver who was using the cell phone and crossed the centerline and hit my daughter head on.  I feel like a part of me died with Hope” Lost 9 pounds.  Darlene said this experience has been an answer to prayer.

Oprah - JacquieJacquie, 47 – “I think you need to be adventurous !” Lost 9 pounds.  She had a little scary Skin Care adventure!

Oprah - Jeanette Jeanette, 48 – “My son got involved with drugs and he struggled with that.  And he fought, and he fought.  He went to bed and he never woke up.” Lost 11 pounds. She said she would have never imagined at almost 50 wearing a tank top and a pair of stretchy pants in front of a camera! See what else she didn’t think she would do!

Oprah-  JillJill, 47 –  “I saw some pictures that a friend of mine had taken at a birthday party.  I was repulsed.  I said “Is that me!”  Lost 16 pounds

Oprah - JodyJody, 53 – “I was like is that me? I was like “that is my mother!” I love my Mom but I am not ready to be 75!”  Lost 9 pounds

Oprah - JoyceJoyce, 54 – “My 17 year old daughter..she’s cute.  She gets teased because she’s heavy.  I’m going to begin to love myself 100 percent. That way I can help her understand how to  love herself.” Lost 12 pounds

Oprah - KathleenKathleen, 43 – “My husband lost his job.  We lost our house because we had just adopted our daughter.  It took all of our savings so it was a lot, it was a lot…”  Lost 7 pounds. She was able to get  a  Sleep Disorder treated.

Oprah - KathyKathy, 62 – “This day sucks.  It is cold, it is raining, you can see your breath.  But I know when you work out in this kind of weather you burn more calories.  I feel like wonder woman!” Lost 5 lbs but added ten years. Quit smoking. Was one of Bob’s standouts and learned how much her kids want her around.

Oprah - Linda Linda, 45 – “I have been carrying this weight a long time.  Fortunately I don’t have heart issues yet.  But two of my brothers have developed diabetes and have the same body type as I.”  Lost 20 pounds

Oprah LisaLisa, 50 – “I am 50 years old and I would love to look younger because I am single. I would like to appeal to men my age, not senior citizens.” Lost 6 pounds

Oprah MimiMimi, 58 – ” I think my face looks like a dinner plate, round and fat.  I think it started from a lot of stress over the years and I just started binging.” Lost 10 Pounds. Cholesterol went down 100 points!

Oprah TerriTerri, 57 – “People treat you differently at a certain age. They don’t look at you.  You just don’t feel like people even notice that you are there.” Lost 19 pounds!

Verlisa, 49 – “My mother passed away from a heart attack at 47.  My cholesterol is borderline and I just don’t want to have a lot of health issues in my old age.” Lost 8 pounds

Congratulations Ladies!

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