Oprah: Dr. Oz on Aging. How Frank Reversed His Diabetes and Avoided Open Heart Surgery

Sep 5, 2011 – NBC is airing reruns of the Oprah Shows called Best Of Oprah and certainly some of our bests are when Dr. Oz  came to visit imparting medical advice with charm and enthusiasm. This airing was devoted to aging. Dr. Oz together with Dr. Michael Roizen shared some success stories of patients who followed their anti-aging plan as laid out in their best selling book YOU: Staying Young. The Owners Manual for Extending Your Warranty. One such story is that of Frank and Elaine. They so improved their health that Frank saved himself at the brink of needing open heart surgery.

Dr. Oz introduced Frank and Elaine as Americans who were not aging well.  Frank, a 52-year-old part-time professional bowler, complained of routine aches and pains and said he took about 14-15 pills a day to combat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

Elaine is a 45-year-old insurance broker who felt like she was 65.  She felt it was her hectic and very stressful job that was aging her.  All she wanted to do after work was to chill out in front of the TV.

They both admitted they never thought twice about what they ate.  They ate out a lot consuming lots of unhealthy fried, fatty foods.

In order for Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen to work with them on their anti-aging plan, they needed to know where the couple’s health stood.  They put them through a battery of tests and the results were not good.

Both Frank and Elaine are in the danger zone. Frank had a 48-inch waist and Elaine had a 43 1/2-inch waist. Dr. Oz has mentioned many times that your waist size is a sign of your health, which should be no more than half your height.  If your waist size is 40 inches for a woman and 45 inches for a man you have the same chances of survival as if you had breast or prostate cancer!

Frank weighed 270 pounds and Elaine weighed 223. Elaine’s body fat test score was 56. Frank’s was 68.2.  Of his 270 pounds, 184 pounds of them were fat!

Frank and Elaine also failed basic fitness tests like push-ups, walking and balance. For example Elaine could only do 6 push-ups and according to Dr. Oz a woman at her age of 45,  should be able to do 20 to 24 situps and 11 to 14 push-ups.

They also received a cutting-edge blood test called the Biophysical 250.  It measures 250 different health markers, such as cholesterol, iron, blood sugar, vitamin D and hormone levels. Frank’s triglycerides, was 333, two times what they are supposed to be. Dr. Oz explained to Frank that if he saw his blood in a test tube and held it for 10 minutes, he would see a layer of fat settle out. High triglycerides levels (fat in the blood) causes deadly artery-blocking plaque, restricting blood flow to the heart.

Frank’s blood pressure was 148/88. Dr. Oz explained that when your blood pressure is that high,  your blood pressure is scraping the walls of the arteries.  Healthy blood pressures will vary per individual but should be around 115/75 or 120/80.

Dr. Oz, being a heart surgeon, says when he sees patients with Frank’s numbers, he his thinking to himself  that he knows he will be operating on that patient one day so where will he make that cut!! Will Frank be able to bowl again after Dr. Oz opens his chest with a band saw to get to his heart?  Dr. Oz tells Frank that he is looking at a man who is going to die at least 15 years prematurely!!

Well, Frank and Elaine gets an eye opener and commits to following the doctors’ action plan, the same plan you can find in their book You: Staying Young.

  • they will walk a minimum of 10,000 steps—or about five miles—every day
  • they will have a diet overhaul. No more high fat and sugary foods. Instead they will have fresh fruits and vegetables,  whole grains and healthy fats like olive oil.
  • they will have proteins rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, of which Frank needs to drive down his triglycerides.
  • they will practice chi-gong, a Chinese exercise that will help them reduce stress, which is a another premature ager.

Well, 6 months later Frank and Elaine are back and looking good!  Frank lost 60 pounds and 12 inches, and Elaine has lost 30 pounds and seven inches!

But more important, they have turned around their aging processes and increased their life expectancies by decades!

52-year-old Frank had the health of a 72-year-old—which is not good considering the average American man lives to be 79. 45-year-old Elaine had the health of a 65-year-old.

Frank now had the health of a 45-year-old and Elaine, the health of a 43-year-old.  They have normalized all of their laboratory tests, triglycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure, and C-reactive protein (CRP) which is a measure of inflammation in the body. Frank also got rid of his type 2 diabetes.

Frank says he can’t believe the way he’s changed. “Just looking in the mirror I see some crazy things,” he says. “I keep looking…it’s not me.

Open Heart Surgery!!
Then Dr. Oz receives a call from Frank’s cardiologist telling him that Frank needs open heart surgery! They found that Frank had a blockage of 195 and 50% in three arteries. Dr. Oz explained that Frank actually had damage to the arteries before he even started the YOU program.  That is an important wakeup call because for 50% of patients, there are not always obvious symptoms.

Dr. Oz explained that this part of Frank’s story was earth changing for him.

Normally someone like Frank, that is, three months ago Frank, Dr. Oz would have gone through with the heart surgery because Frank was diabetic, hypertensive, and had high cholesterol.  Dr. Oz would not have trusted Frank to take care of these high risk factors on his own and would have been afraid that Frank would die if he didn’t have the surgery.

But because Frank had already started the YOU program and was no longer diabetic, his blood pressure was now normal, his cholesterol numbers were now fixed, Dr. Oz says we can now just stent the arteries that are most at risk and trust Frank to continue taking care of himself, giving him another chance.  Frank saved himself out of open heart surgery!

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