Oprah: Skin Care Pillar of Bob Greene’s 20 Years Younger Plan

Oprah 20 Years Younger Show-Skin CareOn an airing of Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah gave 20 of what she called her “Ultimate Viewers” an experience of a life time and a chance to look 20 years younger. These ladies were challenged by Oprah’s long time friend and Best Life Coach Bob Greene to participate in his diet and nutrition plan rolled out in his new book 20 Years Younger. Bob says you can look and feel 20 years younger by revamping four areas of your life: exercise, nutrition, skin care, and sleep.

The 20 ladies felt very fortunate to have Beverly Hills Skin Expert Dr. Harold Lancer Dermatologist, as part of Bob’s “Dream Team” of doctors, give them his expert advice and treat them for a variety of conditions including the discovery of an unexpected cancer spot.

The Skin Care Pillar:

Eight of the woman went to Dr. Lancer for a quick fix on their wrinkles and age spots. All of the women received micro-dermabrasion. One said “it feels a little like sandpaper”

Dr. Lancer determined some needed to take more aggressive steps to make them look younger.

Dr. Harold Lancer Oprah 20 Years Younger - Skin CancerDr. Lancer said the world thinks that beauty is from the hairline to the chin line. It is not. It is always from the hairline to the unexposed part of the chest.
During his consultation with Jacquie 47, he found a small spot of skin cancer on her chest area! It was an accidental find but fortunately it was found in time to get it completely taken care of!

Oprah - JacquieJacquie is here looking healthy and beautiful.  She also had laser treatment to reduce her age spots.  She said the procedure felt a little burning or pinching.

Dr. Harold Lancer Oprah 20 Years Younger - Mole RemovalVerlisa 49 had radio frequency to help remove moles on her face. Dr. Lancer said “I am going to lightly vaporize them. Besides taking 10 or 20 years off your face,  you won’t have to wear so much makeup.  You are going to be happy with this.  Verlisa said “I love it !”

Dr. Harold Lancer Oprah Facial Filler 20 Years YoungerDr. Lancer said Botox and fillers are quick ways to soften unwanted aging lines. For Jeanette 48, Dr. Lancer puts in a little filler, “for freshening” in her jowl area. Doctor says you can actually see a significant degree of improvement.  We are just trying to fill in the shadowing here. (picture) Jeanette said of the results “That’s incredible!”
Oprah JeanetteShe also had “just a little bit” Botox treatment around her eye area to help squinting lines. She told Oprah’s producers she would never have Botox, but good for her for not being afraid to try something new. She said of the experience “I am not sure if it is something I will continue to do. But I thought it was an experience and it was very minimally done.”

That bought up a discussion about the overuse of Botox and injectables. Bob said he included this subject in his book because it is an option.  Certain people benefit.  He hasn’t had it done yet but he probably will be a candidate for it.  It’s a personal choice and certainly an option available out there.
Dr. Lancer said Botox is designed for minimizing or reducing the excessive muscle movement creation of lines and folds.  It is not designed to make you look like a mannequin. The benefit of Botox for the majority of adults is with excessive frown lines in the forehead, excessive frowns lines between the eyes, the crows foot areas. But being successful with skincare always comes first. 

Dr. Lancer said Skincare to combat aging includes three steps:

  • Polish – to remove hard court debris
  • Cleanse – cleanse the debris that’s been lifted by the polish.
  • Nourish – Nourish with nutrients to improve the skin.  Antioxidant levels and protein levels and cell reproduction.

The doctor said the most common mistake women make with your skin is that when they come home at night, they’re tired and worn out and they go to bed without taking the makeup off.  They figure a few more hours will not hurt but that is a few more hours of toxic chemicals eating away at the entire nature of the skin.

Dr. Lancer has his own line of skin care products called Lancer Skin Care.
Oprah says it’s fantastic, she can vouch for it.  She noticed a real difference after a couple weeks.

Oprah asked Bob “What did you say to me the other day?”
And Bob replied ” I said you looked great!”
Oprah said “No you didn’t. You said I looked Radiant! and I said it’s because I have been cleansing and polishing and remember I didn’t have on one drop of makeup!”
Oprah - 20 Years YoungerShe had a cute “Ivory Soap Commercial” moment when she said even Steadman asked her what she has been doing with her skin! And she said “Oh, nothing!”

She said Lancer Skin Care is available at 20yearsyounger.com and at Nordstrom’s.

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