Paul McKenna. Tips For Self Hypnosis. Re-Program Your Brain To Lose Weight and Break Bad Habits.

Paul McKennaBritain’s world renowned hypnotist and author Paul McKenna, Ph.D appeared on Anderson Cooper’s morning talk show Anderson. He has also appeared multiple times on the popular Dr. Oz Show and as author of self help best sellers, “I Can Make You Thin”,  “I can make you sleep”, “Quit smoking today without gaining weight”, “I Can Make You Confident”, and through his self-improvement seminars, he has helped millions around the world to shed pounds, quit smoking, increase their confidence, and overcome phobias. In his U.S. appearances on Anderson and the Dr. Oz Show, he explains that thousands of studies have shown that hypnosis is very effective and it is a very safe for changing behaviors. Through hypnotic and pyschological techniques, we can re-program our computer-like brains to break bad habits, reduce stress and learn new behaviors that will help us lose weight and feel good about ourselves. Paul McKenna gives us a few of these techniques that we can do on our own.

Paul McKennaPaul gave us this simple trick that makes exercise more enjoyable. This Technique Links Feelings of Pleasure to any form of exercise. He says it’s similiar to the conditioning experiment of the famous scientist Pavlov, where he feeds the dog, rings the bell, feeds the dog, rings the bell and soon the dog associates ringing of the bell with eating,

We are going to close our eyes. Think about a pleasurable activity while we are squeezing our thumb and middle finger together.  For a couple minutes.  See what you see, hear what you hear, and feel how good you feel. Now think about taking that pleasurable feeling and taking it to regular appropriate exercise. So walking a minute more and then two minutes more and than three minutes more etc, etc until it builds up so walking becomes easier. So just link the idea of pleasure to any form of exercise.  Then open your eyes and come on back out.  By practicing this technique regularly,  your atitude toward exercise will become more positive and willing.

This techinque will help dissipate strong cravings and desires that are triggered by emotions.  Like wanting to eat, smoke, or drink when we are feeling frustrated, stressful, lonely, bored and even happy. Paul says this technique was developed by American Scientist Roger Callahan. It enables us to tap on various acupuncture Meridian points. He says what is does is that it changes the way the brain is processing information and de-links a thought from a feeling, so you remember the thoughts of being frustrated but you cannot remember the feeling of wanting to eat.

Practice this technique so that the next time you are feeling stressed and are ready to grab that donut or cigarette or beer do this instead…

Stand up.  Tap the back of your left hand and count one to five. Continue tapping and hum the bars of a tune. Now tap under your right eye.  Now tap under your collarbone, now tap into your eye, now tap on the side of your left hand.

There are many variations to this tapping technique. This video will demonstrate a few.

To get more understanding of this technique and download a free PDF copy of the procedures, visit Roger Callahan’s website.

Paul McKenna shows us a simple experiment that may show how we can eat 50% less.  On an Anderson Cooper talk show appearance, Paul did an experiment similiar to a Scandinavian study where they discovered a condition where people ate less. The Anderson show treated two audience members to a pasta lunch one day and the same lunch again the next day, only this time they were blind folded. The ladies disovered, while blindfolded, they ate about 50% less!  Paul says bring consciousness to eating and you will eat a lot less without feeling deprived.  Remove all distractions from your environment like TV, the Internet and reading material and focus only on eating your meal!

An imagination exercise that will re-train our muscle memory to help us “eat with consciousness”.   Muscle memory?  Paul McKenna says he notices with those of us who are overweight, is that we tend to “shovel food” in as fast as we can.  He points out that there is over whelming scientific research that shows that if you chew your food slowly, you will have better digestion, feel more in control, and will eat significantly less!

Get a fork and a knife
Imagine that you have a plate of food in front of you. Your favorite meal. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes; Lasagna; Fried chicken, macaroni & cheese; Pizza; Steak & salad.
Take your knife and fork, cut a little bite, put it in your mouth, put your knife and fork down, and chew 20 times.  Chew it like a gourmet.

Practice this.  Paul says if you chew your food slowly about a quarter of your regular eating speed, turn off the TV, the Internet, put away the magazines, the scientific evidence is overwhelming.  You will eat less and you will not feel like you are depriving yourself.

This visualization process will give you self control and self esteem.
Paul says hypnosis is synonymous with deep relaxation and often it’s compared to meditation or visualization.  On a Dr. Oz appearance he had the studio audience and invited the TV viewers to join in on this guided visualization process.

Step one – Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and relax deeply.
Step two – Imagine watching a movie of yourself eating slowly. Watch a movie of yourself putting your knife and fork down. Watch a movie of yourself leaving food on your plate. And when you have made that movie exactly the way you want it to be, then float over and into yourself in that movie and see through the eyes of your more in control self.
When you have done that, let your unconscious mind find new ways to achieve all the positive things that you were getting from overeating, but without having to over eat in the future. You may not know now what those things are but just know that they are possible.
Step three – Watch a movie of yourself having lost some weight a few weeks from now and being a little bit lighter, doing the things that you do in your everyday life, but you are more active than you are normally. And from this place, make a picture of yourself having lost a lot more weight and float into that even thinner you, see through the eyes of your thinner self, hear through the ears of your thinner self, feel how good it feels, how loose your cloths feel, how much energy you have, how much self-confidence. Now let’s give yourself a nice little boost of self-esteem before you open your eyes. Think of someone who loves and approves of you and they are standing in front of you right now. Now float out of yourself and into them and look at yourself through their eyes. Look at yourself through the eyes of love and appreciation and notice all the things that they notice about you that perhaps you haven’t noticed about yourself. And when you feel really good,  then open your eyes, come on back out feeling refreshed, relax and alert and reinforce on the unconscious level every positive thought that you ever had about yourself.

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