Restaurant Impossible: Chef Robert’s New Mission. First Lady Michelle Obama.

Horton's Kids06-13-2012 In her unrelenting mission to end childhood obesity and promote good health through her “Let’s Move” initiative,  The First Lady called on Robert Irvine of the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible. His show’s mission is to take on desperately failing restaurants and turn them around.  The tougher the mission, the more he seems to like it! And that is why The First Lady called on Chef Robert to help the deserving community organization whose transformation was featured on his show today. This organization was feeding 100 kids a day and they had no where to eat but outside in the cold, snow or rain!
Horton's Kids Eating OutsideThere are many causes of childhood obesity and this show today gave us an opportunity to see yet another face to this health crisis in America and why it is important to implement nutritional legislation that will impact public schools where they can reach children who have very little other options.
The organization is called Horton’s Kid and is based in Washington DC.

Executive Director, Brenda Chamberlain explains that is a nonprofit organization that has been around for 23 years.  It serves a neighborhood that is under resourced and considered a food desert, which means that there is not a lot of grocery store options in their area.  The closest place to buy groceries is a little corner store.  The problem is those stores do not provide a lot of healthy options. If you have heard of kids having potato chips and soda for breakfast, this could be one reason why!
Hortons' Kids KitchenThe services that Horton’s Kids provide is tutoring, mentoring, health and basic needs and family empowerment. They even offer healthy cooking classes for parents.  They serve about a hundred kids healthy meals daily.  They do all this
in a small 600 square foot space with a tiny kitchen, a broken stove and no dining room!

So Chef Robert received a special message from Michelle Obama by way of video.  “Good morning Robert. I am first Lady Michelle Obama.  You might be wondering why in the world you are getting a message from me.  It is really quite simple.  I need you Robert.  I need you to join Horton’s Kids and me to take on one of the toughest missions in America and it’s helping our kids eat right and get active so that they can grow up healthy and strong.”… And so began The First Lady’s four part Mission Request.

  1. A dining room.  So the kids can eat their after school meals indoors.
  2. An updated kitchen.  They need plenty of space to cook nutritious meals and room to maneuver while teaching their healthful cooking classes to parents.
  3. A community garden just like the one she did at the White House. Where the kids can plant, harvest and then eat!
  4. Make a celebratory meal with recipes from fresh vegetables  that kids will love. (One favorite was mashed cauliflower with mashed potatoes.)

And true to TV Land, Chef Robert pulled it off bigtime. With tons of volunteers, generous donations, a little construction drama and tears of joy, they revealed a large multi-room facility with a large new outfitted kitchen, large dining room, computer room with all new computers, a rec room.  Loved it!  Thanks Chef Robert!

A word from The First Lady about her new book American Grown. The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.  

“One of the reasons I wrote American Grown was that I wanted to share the story of community gardens across this country.  This garden is an example of what we can do to get our kids healthy and fit. We’re just proud that Chef Robert found some useful tips from the book to help start a children’s garden.  It’s something that can be done in every community across the country.  We’re excited to see the numbers of community gardens growing and seeing our children growing up healthy and happy and with the best future we could possibly hope for them.”

All proceeds from the book will go to the National Park Foundation The Official Charity of America’s National Parks.  To learn more visit

Horton's Kids Restaurant Impossible
Chef Robert Irvine, Dir. Brenda Chamberlain , First Lady Michelle Obama
Horton's Kids New Kitchen
Horton's Kids New Kitchen
Horton's Kids Dining Hall
Horton's Kids New Dining Hall
Horton's Kids Meet The First Lady
Horton's Kids Meet The First Lady
Horton's Kids New Rec Room
Horton's Kids New Rec Room
Horton's Kids Computer Room
Horton's Kids Computer Room
Horton's Kids A Donor
Horton's Kids A Donor
Michelle Obama American Grown
Michelle Obama American Grown

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