The Deepak Chopra Solution – What Are You Hungry For? The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra, Board Certified Physician, Mind-Body expert and teacher, offered his solution to the 70% of Americans who are overweight or obese. In his PBS special What Are You Hungry For? broadcast on WEDU, Tampa Florida, Dr. Chopra says many of us eat because we are hungry for love, affection, and/or a number of other emotional needs. Asking yourself  “What am I hungry for ?” is the beginning of the road to self awareness, permanent weight loss, emotional well being and overall happiness. By combining the best teachings of both the Ancient Wisdom Traditions and modern science, Dr. Chopra teaches us how to achieve a deeper understanding of our Mind-Body Spirit leading to greater health and well being.

Dr. Chopra says there is scientific evidence that our emotions affect every cell in our body. Changing the way we think and feel can transform biological processes on the most fundamental levels of the cellular biology of our bodies.

We know that what Dr. Chopra calls ‘Yummy’ emotions like love, joy and compassion are associated with an increase of hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin which can prevent depression, make you feel intoxicated and love. While, ‘Yucky’ emotions like resentment, fear, hostility, shame and depression can elevate levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and noradrenaline which can create imbalances in the body that contribute to weight gain, fatigue and many other health issues.

So knowing ‘what you are hungry for’, nutrition hunger or emotional  hunger, is the key to permanent weight loss and that comes with developing our self-awareness.

Dr. Chopra defines self-awareness as the ability to observe ourselves without judging ourselves. “Ourselves” includes our body, our mind, and our deepest level of consciousness which many wisdom traditions refer to as our soul. If you develop the practice of observing yourself without judgment you will nourish your body, mind and spirit with the food that you are really hungry for.

Dr. Chopra shares this food for thought…..

  • Your body is not the thing. It is a process, an activity. It is not a noun, it’s a verb.
  • Your body is a dynamic activity in a dynamic universe.
  • Every moment your body is a river of change and transformation.
  • We  scientifically now know that we recycle and replace almost 98% of the molecules and atoms of our body in less than one year. Our stomach lining is new every five days. Our skin changes every month. Our skeleton is a dynamic organ containing calcium and phosphorus and it all comes and goes every three months.
  • By the way we think and feel and behave we can influence the activity of our genes and the structure of our brain.
  • In other words we are not our bodies but our bodies’ creator.
  • We can sculpt and shape our bodies through experience.
  • When we look in the mirror at our body we are looking at the past. Our body today is the product of our past experiences.
  • If we want to change our body for the future, we need to change our experiences starting today.

“Now is the moment of power. If not now, when?” 

How do we know if it is our body that is hungry for nutrition?  How do we fend off food cravings?

What do we do if we are hungry for emotional needs? How can we stop yourselves from turning to food in an emotional crisis?

 To watch What Are You Hungry For? in full, contact your local Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) for scheduled times.  You may also be able to obtain Donor Gift Packages from The Chopra Center For Well-being of DVDs of the show as well as books, informational materials, learning tools and memberships by contacting WEDU , Tampa, Fl 33607, 800-515-9810 or by contacting your local PBS Station.



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