The Doctors: Potato Chips Can Cause Cancer!

Potato Chips can cause cancerMay 6, 2011 – Yes, one of America’s most favorite snacks made from potatoes can contain so much of a carcinogenic chemical that the Environmental Law Foundation in California filed a lawsuit and won! The Doctors TV Show reported that by January 2012, potato chip makers have to actually put a warning on the label, change the way they make potato chips or stop selling in California!

The Doctors TV Show did a segment to reveal “What’s Really In Your Food? They said that you will be shocked and they were right!

They invited Lisa Sigell, Health Reporter for CBS 2/KCAL 9 to help them out with the investigation. Tested potato chips have been found to contain acrylamide, a known carcinogen.
Lisa spoke to Alise Cappel, Research Director of the Environmental Law Foundation. She said “We found that they exceeded the World Health Organization’s (WHO) allowable limit for a glass of water by some thousand times.”

Lisa asked her if all potato chips are bad?  Alise replied “I’m saying all potato chips contain acrylamide. Acrylamide is dangerous to your body because it can cause cancer.”
Dr. Travis Stork said in all fairness, potato chip companies are not just putting acrylamide in their chips.  It is a byproduct of the heating process in the making of potato chips.  But now that we know it’s there,  let’s work on getting it out of our food supply.

What else did Lisa Sigell’s investigation reveal?  She spoke to Dr. Alan Greene, M.D. Pediatrician and Clinical Professor at Stanford’s Lucille Salter Packard Children’s Hospital.   He is also an expert on chemicals and toxins in our food.

He says the foods we eat are a major source of chemicals.  Back in 2005 they looked at babies across the country.  They found an average of 200 industrial chemicals in babies at the moment of birth!  When asked how food has changed over time he said “when my father was a child, all of the food was organic.”

Doctors- Food Dye May Cause CancerLisa asked Dr. Green how dangerous are food dyes. Dr. Green says the evidence is pretty good that it impacts behavior. They’ve looked at thousands of kids. They took all the artificial colorings out. When the chemicals were removed, the kids were so much better it was as if they were on an ADHD prescription medication. That much improvement!
Dr. Green says for every single one of our rapidly increasing conditions, there is a link back to food. Which means that there are food solutions to our most pressing health problems.

Dr. James Sears, Pediatrician says 15 million pounds of artificial food dyes are put in our foods every year and a lot of those are marketed towards kids in the form of fruit snacks and the like. These chemicals are linked to behavioral problems like the ADHD and autism.  Dr. Sears says he has seen a big link in his young patients to allergies, other inflammatory diseases and behavior problems.

Lisa wanted to hear what the FDA had to say about what we learned so she gave them a call.
The FDA gave the following Statement:
“The FDA does a number of things to make the food supply safe. The FDA is currently developing guidance for industry on the reduction of acrylamide levels.”

During that segment of “What’s Really In Your Food? The Doctors TV Show revealed a few more ingredients to be aware of.

Are Snack Cakes Really filled With Cream?Dr. Andrew Ordon Plastic Surgeon, talks about popular “cream filled” cake deserts. Do you know what the cream is?  Lard and Beef Fat! This is what they are using instead of cream. That should make you think twice before giving them to your little one as a snack!

Dr. Travis Stork E.R. Physician, says that popular foods like bottled salad dressings and doughnuts contain anti-freeze, propylene glycol, the same product that you put in your car and that is used to de-ice airplanes.

Dr Orden speaks about using benzoyl peroxide for pimples and acne treatment.  Do you want it in your bread?  They actually put benzoyl peroxide in white bread to make it more white!

Dr. Travis says that there is a considered safe amount of insect parts as well as a rodent parts.  One cup of pasta is allowed to contain more than 200 insect parts.  Some people estimate we eat a pound a year of insects.  Dr. Travis says he will admit that the insect parts does not scare him as much as pesticides in food.  Dr. Lisa Masterson Ob/Gyn says “When you grow food you are going to get bugs, especially when you’re trying to avoid pesticides.”

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